06 June 2009

If I Could Sleep

If I could sleep, I would not have panda eyes.

If I could sleep, I could have made Breaking Dawn last longer.

If I could sleep, I would be gently cocooned in the cool darkness, under the sheets.

If I could sleep, I would not be making to-do lists.

If I could sleep, I would not blog as much.

If I could sleep.


Jennifer said...

I'm sleep-typing right now. I know how you feel. :-)

Elizabeth said...

I know that feeling. Right now, I'm only half awake, and yet, I don't have time to take a nap.....gotta shower, go to dinner with family, come home, put kids to bed and then......blog!! Sometimes I just have to tell myself....it can wait until tomorrow.

Leslie said...

IF I COULD sleep i wouldnt have to drink Diet coke all day! lol

LPC said...

Just wanted to say I hope you have caught up on your sleep. But am glad you have the time to blog:).

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