01 June 2009

Missing Daddy

Chris had to fly to Jakarta this morning. When Zoë saw Chris' travel bag and saw Chris putting on his shoes, she started crying, "No, Daddy, no. Don't like it!" She was trying to hang on tight to Chris. We had to distract her so that Chris could leave quietly.

Josh is more used to Chris being away on business trips. But that doesn't mean that he likes Chris' absences any better. Today, on the drive back from his swim lessons, he told me that he wants to write Chris a letter and that we should mail it to him, "because I miss him very much." I had to explain that by the time the letter reaches Chris' hotel in Jakarta, he could actually be home here already. Josh misunderstood and told me to "just run very, very fast to the post office so that Daddy can get the letter very quickly."

True to his word, Josh made a "letter" for Chris when we came home. He then asked me for an envelope so that he could post it. I suggested that we fax it to the hotel instead, explaining that this way, Daddy could get it much, much sooner than if we were to mail the letter.

Shortly after we agreed to this, Chris called and Josh got to talk to him. Afterwards, he still insisted on sending out his letter even though he had already spoken to Chris. ..."so that Daddy can see my words and drawing."

Poor Chris. I know he hates to be away and this isn't making it any easier.


Lindy said...

That is so sweet. I love that he thought you could run faster to the post office and it would get there quicker - their thought processes are adorable.

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Ahhh - so sweet. And how amazing your kids are to be writing love-notes to Daddy.. Keep writing, kiddos (Mom will make a scrapbook ~great memories ...)

Have a great week..

Wanda said...

Awhh.....what a sweet, sweet boy. Just warms my heart.

Wanda (At Last...)

Leslie said...

awwww that is tooo sweet!

Jedda said...

That is so tender! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the comment and button grabbing love! Keep having fun with those darling kiddos of yours!

a Tonggu Momma said...

That makes my heart feel SUPER happy! (Uh-oh... I think someone's been watching a little bit too much Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.)

Jennifer said...


So sweet! So sad! :-( It's gotta break your husband's heart when your kids miss him like that and you guys can't do anything about it!

Here's to him coming home soon!

Joanne Choi said...

YOU SHOULD COME HOME part kills me...it must make Chris' heart ache.

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