02 June 2009

Thick As Thieves

It's almost lunch time. No blueberry muffin until after lunch.

Josh didn't like the sound of that and went to his room and sulked. After a few minutes of sweet no-whining silence, I realized that I hadn't heard a peep out of either Josh or Zoë. I knocked on their door (which Josh had locked) --

Me: Is Zoë in there with you?
Josh: Yes, Mommy.
Me: Can you please open the door?
Josh: No, not yet.
Me: Not yet? What are you guys doing?
Josh: Playing.
Me: Come out when you're done playing, okay?
Josh: Okay, Mommy.

Good, he seems to have gotten over his foul mood, I thought. They didn't seem to be wrecking their room, so I let them be.

A few minutes later, they both came out. Josh with crumbs around his mouth, cheeks bulging with food still not swallowed.

Me: Josh, did you get a muffin after I said not to get one until after lunch?
Josh: No. (Vigorously shaking head, while desperately trying to swallow what's left of the muffin in his mouth)
Me: What do you mean "No"? I can see crumbs around your mouth and there are crumbs on your bedroom floor.
Josh: But I didn't get the muffin. Zoë got it and gave it to me!
Zoë: Me, Mommy. Give KoKo.

Aargh! I had to fight very hard to keep the smile to a mere twitch. I'd lost my steam. Again.


Lindy said...

ut-oh...conspiracy has begun. There's no turning back now!

Veronica Lee said...

LOL, you should have taken a photo of
Josh with the crumbs around his mouth!!!

Leslie said...

OMG Tag teaming the crime!!! LOL


Wanda said...

Oh, you're in trouble! (We have to practice not cutting up in front of them - if not, we may lose our "power", haha.)

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Haha! Maybe the muffin monster did it!
They're so adorable...I love those 2!

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

On the upside of things, at least the two of them are already thick as thieves. You can't beat that, right? =)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh. You've got your hands full with the two of them in cahoots! LOL! :-) I hope she at least got a bite of that muffin!

Staci said...

Very tricky! You have to love the creativity behind it though!

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