09 July 2009

My Plants


Before Josh and Zoë, Chris and I were into orchids. Every year, there is a Flower Show at Victoria Park and Chris and I would go and check out the plants, but we were particularly on the look-out for orchids. When we would go on trips in Southeast Asia, we would try to visit markets or nurseries, just to see if we could get some special ones that we couldn’t get here in Hong Kong.

We still love orchids, but had decided to give them up –temporarily. We’d had to give them up, because we’d seen some tiny bugs flying around, which we suspected were there because of the plants.

I placed an ad on a website here announcing ‘Free orchids and other plants to the first person’ to come by to pick them up. Less than half a day and the plants were gone. The lady who came by gave me a small box of Mrs. Fields cookies. As soon as she left, I gobbled them all up.

I miss my plants. I hope they’re thriving.

Paphiopedilum. Slipper orchids are so elegant.

This was the one and only time we had twin blooms in a slipper orchid. Aren’t they just lovely? I miss these guys.
Twin lady slippers_2 (Jan 5, 2007)

Our very first phalaenopsis orchid. The petals were the most beautiful pale yellow. We had more phalaenopsis orchids than any other kind, mainly because these were rather hardy and easy to care for.

More phalaenopsis orchids. We had a few of these in different colors and patterns.



This one is another phalaenopsis orchid, but its blooms are much smaller. This was a “miniature” phalaenopsis plant.

Cymbidium. I love cymbids. The blooms are so generous, so pure in their beauty. Of all the orchids that we’ve had, we found the cymbids to be most challenging to care for. We hardly were able to get them to flower beyond the first year. But just look at this beauty.

I think this one we actually brought back with us from Bali. I’m not entirely sure which specie this is, but it might be an odontoglossum. We just called this the ‘spider’ orchid.


My mom calls these the “Dancing Lady” orchids (oncidium). Those yellow petals do conjure up images of ladies waltzing around in big poufy ball gowns. These are so pretty.

Another type of oncidium orchids.

And this cute little baby? We just called it our pitcher plant. We’ve seen the same type of plants, but with the “jugs” much, much bigger than the ones here. Ours only came out with these baby “jugs.” Either the one we had was a special type, or we just weren’t caring for it properly.


One day, I hope to surround myself with indoor plants again.
Which one do you like best?


LPC said...

How many orchids did you have at the peak of your collection?

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

I'm totally jealous! My mom loves orchids and when she left, I took over them BUT killed them all!
Your collection are awesome and such great photos!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful orchids. I love orchids, only had a few in my garden. I don't really have time for the plants. It's a pity that you gave them all away...

Wanda said...

My fav - the twin slipper. Gorgeous.

Of course you miss them - they are spectacular. And your photos of them are great. So vivid and alive.

I paint orchids often and am just fascinated with them. They are like little miracles.

Marie Reed said...

That was so nice of you to give them away when you knew that you couldn't give them the proper needed attention. I have a black thumb.. my husband is the official waterer in the family:)

Veronica Lee said...

Orchids are beautiful but they need too much care.
My fav is the dancing ladies.

Leslie said...

Wow those are gorgeous! i wished i could grow things besides mold! lol

Mahmee said...

Good grief! Those are lovely. No wonder you are missing them. They all look so healthy.
I'm partial to the phalaenopsis orchids. That hot pink one at the top with the white patterning is my fave.

Jennifer said...

My mom is obsessed with orchids! She built a greenhouse in her backyard when she ran out of room in her house and on her back porch, LOL!

Those are beautiful orchids. I hope you get to surround yourself with them soon, too! :-)

Shelly said...

Very pretty plants! I don't have a green thumb at all. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Six Feet Under Blog said...


The Jacobsen Family! said...

So beautiful! I love the purple orchids!

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