03 July 2009

Tangrams, Sort Of

DSC00859 DSC00861 DSC00862

These “puzzles” keep Josh occupied for at least 30 minutes each time he plays with them. He started out with a very simple set (Mighty Mind®), which basically teaches how combining basic shapes will help form other shapes (e.g. 2 squares form a rectangle, 2 isosceles triangles can form a rhombus, etc.). Once he got the hang of it, he moved on to forming simple images.
Yesterday, I broke out the next set (Super Mind®), because he wanted a “surprise” for completing his Math worksheets. The directions are the same, except that the images are a lot more complex.


You have to have the basic grasp of how the different shapes fit together to be able to successfully fill in the image with the different shapes.


I was busy with work this afternoon and just needed some time to myself, so I didn’t work with him on the images. I just told him to call me once he’s completed one. Barely minutes into it, he called me over to show me this:

He was very proud that he accomplished what appeared to be a complex image.

(I did a more thorough review of this here, if you are interested to read more.)

Happy 4th of July to all blog buddies in the U.S.


LPC said...

Tangrams, but of the free form variety primarily, were on the list of top 10 toys when my kids were little. So great for kids' reasoning and spatial and creative skills. Along with a set of 20 plastic dogs in varying breeds, two large green plastic exercise balls for bouncing on, and a set of silk scarves from Hearthsong. And, I confess, after I relented, Barbies. And Magic cards for the boy child. We still have some of these in a closet for visiting little guys. The exercise balls, um, not so much:).

ModernMom said...

Love these. We try and take them when we travel. Great on planes!

Veronica Lee said...

My boys used to love them. I still keep them. They come in handy when I'm explaining 3D and composite shapes to them.

Leslie said...

Those are super cool!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Josh looks like he's concentrating really hard. He did a great job! I left a comment on the other site. I plan to see about getting these for Baby Boo but when she's not wanting to scatter small pieces everywhere.

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