31 August 2009

Look What I Got

Josh loves eggs. Scrambled, sunny-side up, easy-over, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, browned, steamed, omelets… he loves them all.

One of my favorite egg recipes is Huevos Ree-os and we probably have these at least once a week. I’ve been using our skillet, but I’m not very happy about the way the eggs “spread” when I crack them. I’ve tried using one of those egg rings, but a little bit of the egg would still manage to seep out from under the ring. I hardly ever get a perfectly smooth, round edge to my eggs.

And then I found this --


Isn’t it cute? It’s just perfect for making those perfectly round eggs that I’d been despairing of ever making. And did I mention that it’s so cute?

From the same “family,” I found this egg poacher. It’s made of silicone rubber and you just crack the egg in it and put the whole thing in 2-3 inches of boiling water.


Jo!e actually also has a special omelet-maker. I was so tempted to get that as well, but was able to exercise some (ahem!) self-control. Their other "toy" kitchen devices are so adorable that if I didn’t get out of the shop when I did, I probably would have bought their whole line!

What "toy" kitchen gadget(s) do you have?


Jennifer said...

Oh man, do I ever have the same problem with the eggs! How cute are these?! I want them, too!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

How does the top one work? Have you tried them out yet? I don't think I can handle the poached egg. To me, they are a bit runny but if Josh likes them, that is great! I like cute gadgets like that.

Buckeroo said...

@Chocolate Covered Daydreams: The top one is just a mini frying pan. I just tried both this morning. The frying pan is a tad small for my stove top, but the sunny-side up egg turned out perfectly. :)

Lindy said...

I only like scrambled so I need no cute gadgets for that. :)

I do however love me a good hamburger - and I have a hamburger press that makes them all consistent in size. I. love. it.

Wanda said...

Awh....the search for the perfect egg. I have a new appreciation (and desperation) for eggs as it's the one food group my new little one can't get enough of.

BTW. thanks for all your help before we left. In fact we all cleared through all the health checks (Phew) and Beijing was much easier than Zhejiang.


Mommy24cs said...

That is the cutest pan ever! I decided that I really want a Hello Kitty toaster. I keep seeing them at Target and one of these days I'm gonna break down and buy one :)

Dandy said...

I have the miniature egg whisk from that family!

Keyona said...

Ah! How cute is that!

Aunt LoLo said...

The pan is so cute!! Hrm...toy kitchen gadgets?? They don't usually last long. Either BBJ claims them as real toys...or they get buried in all of the other junk in my kitchen.

I'd have to say, our most FRIVOLOUS kitchen gadget, though, is my sandwhich press. It's not a panini press, but you layer bread, filling, bread, clamp it shut and wait for the light to turn green. It toasts the bread perfectly, melts whatever's inside, and divides the sandwich into beautiful little halves. Mmmmm

Herb of Grace said...

I love you egg things! My favorite kitchen gadget is a plain old garlic press. Nothing fancy, but boy! do I get some use out of it!

ModernMom said...

Hee Hee All my eggs end up scrambled! I need one of these!

golonghorns said...

Too stinkin adorable! I have a bunch of bento gadgets. I love the egg molds, too bad my kids don't like eggs...yet...crossing fingers, sigh... someday! PW has the best recipes.

Veronica Lee said...

Both the gadgets look cute!! My Josh loves eggs too.

blueviolet said...

I have the matching egg cups to your new gadgets! I'm not even kidding!

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