17 September 2009

Fallen, Literally – Part 2

(If you’d missed the first part, you can read about it here.)


A picture of my future flashed before my eyes. Bye-bye to life as I knew it. I’d be spending time behind bars. My conscience would forever be weighted down by the knowledge that I’d taken a life. I’d be past my “use by” date by the time I get out. My parents might never have grandchildren.

The other climbers started to crowd around us. A couple of the facility staff came over to check on Chris, did their stuff. I don’t know how many minutes went by, but Chris started to stir. He flexed his legs, slowly sat up. He seemed okay.

By then, I’d retreated to the couch at the side of the gym. I sat there all alone, conscious of the looks that the other climbers were giving me. Yeah, that’s her. Lucky she didn’t kill him, but steer clear of her. You wouldn’t want her for a climbing partner. I felt this small.

Chris went up again, this time with C as his partner. He made it down okay. Then I saw him make his way over to me.

Uh oh. What do I say? “I’m sorry” is so lame; it just won’t cut it. Is he angry? I seriously had no idea what to say to him or what he would want to say to me.

Chris asked me, “Uh, would you want to belay me again? So that you’d get over your fear of ever belaying somebody again?”

Is this guy for real? I mean, I almost killed him and here he stands asking if I would like try to kill belay him again... because I might be so traumatized that I would not ever belay anybody again!

I decided right there and then that he just had to be the most generous-spirited person I know. (And he is. I still think that.) He admitted to me later on that he was really nervous about asking me to belay him again, wondering if I could just be so bad and drop him again.


That, my friends, was how we met. It’s become a joke between us that he fell for me the very first time we met. Although in reality, romance was far from our minds that night with all the drama there was. It wasn’t until much later, over a hundred climbs or so later, that we really 'fell.' Heh.

How apt is it that the music to our first dance was Lauren Wood’s Fallen?


ModernMom said...

Ahhhh and LOL
What a sweet story. One to tell the grandkids!

LPC said...

One of the more adorable stories out there:).

Dandy said...

OMG what a story! I love it. I love that song. And the whole thing made me weepy.

Please ignore the sniffling, I no idea how to control my roller coaster of emotions today.

Love this post!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That is one of the sweetest love stories I've heard. So glad that you didn't kill him the next time around. I'm also glad that he didn't get injured from the first fall..then you would've been so guilt ridden you would've spent nights by his hospital bedside.

Your kids are going to love this story one day!

Jennifer said...

You truly have married the bravest man in the world! LOL!

Wanda said...

Oh, thank God. Talk about a roller coaster meeting. He sounds wonderful. Lucky you.

Thanks for finishing your story. Loved it!!

blueviolet said...

What a sweetheart he was about it! It's really a cute and love story. And the song...it's the icing. :)

Lindy said...

What a trusting and generous step he took! I'm impressed.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, this made me tear up. What an amazing guy!

Theta Mom said...

What astory and I love that song! Something wonderful to share with the future generations in the family!

Cascia said...

That is a sweet story. He must be a great guy.

Aunt LoLo said...

What a great story...and what a great guy!!!!!

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