22 September 2009

Life With Kids : A Photo Session with Tomoko Hara

A couple of months ago, we had a photo shoot with Tomoko Hara. She is a producer with NHK and does documentary films. Tomoko used to be based in New York. Now having moved to Hong Kong, she wants to branch out and do photography. With her background in making documentaries, she is very good at capturing moments that "tell a story."

We had a most fun time with her! She came over and she started shooting away. She works with natural light and, as you can see below, her photos are nowhere near over-processed, which many studios here tend to do. The photos all came out very natural, simple, very crisp and clean --just the way I like them!

It was a very hot day, as evidenced by how sweaty both Josh and Zoë are in the photos. Yet, it was just after a rain shower… see the puddles on the ground? Zoë couldn’t resist taking off her shoes and jumping in the puddles! Josh finally joined in after seeing how much Zoë seemed to be enjoying herself, but he was stepping ever so gingerly, almost on tippy-toes.


This one below is one of my favorites of the shots that Tomoko took: Josh looking out for Zoë, making sure she didn’t go too fast.

There are countless other favorites, too. It was a long session (around 2 hours) --and Tomoko took many, many photos. But the time flew by very quickly, but it didn’t feel long at all. Tomoko let both Josh and Zoë play and just be themselves, instead of making them pose for photos. She talked to them, made them feel comfortable. They totally ignored her camera clicking away and that really goes to show how good Tomoko is (or how thick-skinned my children can be!).

Wouldn’t you want to get your own set of wonderful photos by Tomoko? Go check out Tomoko’s website/blog ("Life with Kids" by Tomoko) for more samples of her beautiful work.

She will be in New York between September 29th and October 8th and will be willing to take bookings for shoots. Please contact her at bytomoko@gmail.com. For more details about her New York trip and fees, please click here.


blueviolet said...

How completely wonderful! She captured the innocence and pure joy of childhood play.

a Tonggu Momma said...

She is very talented! (And it helps that you have cute kids.)

ModernMom said...

Fabulous! My fave pics are always the ones taken with natural light:)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing photographers work of their clients, and this is so fun to see of your cute kids!

Dandy said...

I love that bike picture... its so sweet! I can't wait to show it to be... he will just melt.

Dandy said...

You totally snuck this in! You can't hid from me... I saw those pictures of you, you pretty thing. I'm so jealous you only have one perfect beauty mark. What a beautiful family you have!

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