08 September 2009

Watch Me Bike

For Josh’s 3rd birthday, we got him a bike. It took him quite a while before he could get the hang of it and ride it confidently. The fact that his short little legs could not push the pedals all the way around didn’t help, I guess.

Not so with Zoë. Even before she turned two, she could get on and off the bike by herself and manage to get it to really move by pumping the pedals even though her short little legs could not push the pedals all the way around. She could steer and change directions. She was riding the bike like a pro.


Now, before I get blasted for that photo above where she’s not wearing any protective head gear, let me just clarify that she just got on the bike and I wanted to take a photo of her still looking fresh.

…and not all sweaty like this! Don’t ask either about why she’s wearing a skirt while biking. She picked her outfit. She has now gotten more insistent with what she wants or doesn’t want to wear.

See her purple Dora Crocs? I just had to get those for her. First of all, they’re purple, her favorite color. Not to mention that they have Dora on them. She wears them everywhere these days.


I’m thinking of taking off the training wheels once her feet are able to touch the ground while sitting on the bike. (Full protective gear for sure then –i.e., Knee pads and elbow pads!) 

When did your child/ren start riding a bike with no training wheels? How long did it take for them to properly learn to ride a bike?


Wanda said...

I'm less than thrilled to say we are still working on the bike thing. She rides occasionally but all our parks here have a silly rule "no bikes" and our street is a busy one so the opportunities are not often.

Wow, your Zoe is a real pro! Good for her.

Dandy said...

B thought the sweaty picture was great as all his childhood bike pictures look like that!

I don't think I ever had a helmet growing up.. its amazing we made it thru our childhoods ;)

Veronica Lee said...

I don't remember!! But I do recall my younger son taking a very long time to learn to ride without the training wheels.

Theta Mom said...

You aksed a great question becasue I want to know the answer to that, too! My son still uses his wheels and still falls sometimes.

Lindy said...

My kid was 6 by the time she learned but from the moment she said she wanted to learn until she actually learned - 30 minutes...including drive time to the local park. :)

Cute bike!

Keyona said...

Lael got her first big bike at 3 and was riding it like a pro. I took her training wheels off last spring when she was 4 1/2 and it took her all of 2 hrs to get the hang of it. Now that she is almost 6 she can ride with 1 hand! :o)

DawnS said...

LOL when we get there I will let you know! At 6 Rylee is still nervous even with the training wheels on. Most of her friends are riding without training wheels and have for a long time!

blueviolet said...

I think it was around age 5 for both of them without the training wheels.

She must ride for quite some time and work very hard at it to build up such a sweat!

What a doll.

LPC said...

Too cute. Sorry I am so boring on your blog but what else is there to say?

Helene said...

Awww, she's adorable!!! My kids still ride with training wheels. I haven't attempted to take the training wheels off...maybe I should try and see how they do!!

Love the crocs....but I will warn you that her feet will smell horrible after wearing them (although you may already know this by now!)

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

She is a beauty!!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Oh, I so need to get my little one to start riding. I've just been putting it off. lol

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