09 October 2009

No Kid’s Meal If You’re Not a Kid!

Our Disneyland annual passes are expiring in a couple of weeks, so I figured yesterday was as good a day as any to go to Disneyland. Josh and Zoë got to skip school for a day. Heh.

It was a weekday, so no crowds. We did not have to stand in long queues for the rides. The weather was perfect. This was the first time I’ve been to Disneyland where Main Street was not teeming with people and I could get a relatively “clean” shot of Josh and Zoë, with no legs and body parts of other people in the picture.
As with past visits, we headed to Tomorrowland first and did the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Both Josh and Zoë were firing away and it’s always a fun ride.

Josh was pretending that he could lift this huge planet… and of course, Zoë, not to be outdone, proceeded to do the same. See her on tippy-toes?
Holding up
For a change, we had lunch at the Corner Cafe this time, instead of the Royal Banquet Hall (where you get Mickey-shaped sushi!). I chose this restaurant mainly because I thought the kids’ meal sounded promising.

I should’ve taken photos of the food display they had. Pretty creative, I must say. The kids had the Egg Mummy, which was basically a risotto omelet, “designed” with a thin film of greenish spider webs, topped with two bat-shaped carrot slices. With fresh kernel corn in broccoli sauce.

I totally understand that because of Halloween, they’ve changed their menu to include food prepared in a way more in keeping with the theme. The one thing on their regular menu that I rather felt like having yesterday was a bowl of ramen with pork ribs (or chicken steak). HOWEVER, just the sight of that bowl of noodles on their display table was enough to put me off. There were two unsightly claws sticking out from underneath the noodles. They were –gulp – chicken feet! Chicken feet are a delicacy here and I know of friends who love them, but I can’t bring myself to even touch one, let alone munch heartily on one. So I decided to order a third kid’s meal for myself and ate off a sectioned Mickey Mouse plate and had Mickey-shaped watermelon pieces for dessert!

All was well until it was time to pay the bill. The waiter customer relations officer handed me the bill and then told me, “Next time you cannot order three kid’s meals when you have only two kids. Our colleague made a mistake when taking your order, but I just want you to know that you cannot do this again.” What?!

First off, the order-taker knew how many we were at the table and did not tell me I couldn’t order a third kid’s meal. Secondly, none of the regular fare appealed to me and especially not the noodles with the chicken feet! I actually asked if there were other choices and when told none, I told the order-taker to make that three kid’s meals instead of the original two that I’d already ordered. So, yes, she knew I was ordering that for myself. Thirdly, it did not say on the menu that kid’s meals are strictly for kids. (Oh yes, it’s “understood” that kid’s meals are for kids only. But what about those who are young-at-heart?!)

Kidding aside, I felt like a little child being sternly berated by a schoolmarm. The experience totally left a sour taste in my mouth… and I didn’t even have the chicken feet!


Theta Mom said...

I never heard of such a thing, how lame is that? I would have felt like a school girl, too. BTW, Buzz Lightyear was my son's FAVORITE ride. Your kids are just too damn cute.

LPC said...

Chicken feet. Oh yes. It's a running joke between me and my Chinese colleagues. Until I eat chicken feet I can't really be part of the club. Guess I'm on the curb for the rest of my life. Although I do think they are better than the bags of duck necks...I'm just too much of a Westerner.

Helene said...

Gasp!! I can't believe that Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, would have such a ridiculous rule!! Honestly, what's the big deal...so they didn't make an extra $5.00 on you...I'm sure you dropped plenty of money that day on other things in the park.

Glad you all had fun...I love the pic of them each holding up the ball...even Josh has his whole weightlifter pose going on!! You all have way better food at your DL than we do here...all I remember eating were dry hamburgers and yucky soggy sandwiches!

blueviolet said...

Would they rather you went to another restaurant where you could order what you liked? What does it really matter?

My son tried those chicken feet last year and he was repulsed. He'll eat anything but the consistency of those was too much for him.

The photos of the kids are spectacular as always.

Samantha Gianulis said...

How have I never heard of the Mickey shaped sushi? I am surprised to hear a staff member called you out. Somehow I don;t think Mickey is hurting enough to be so darn rude about a few bucks.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I would have ordered a Kid's meal too! I am surprised they told you something. We are certainly all kids at heart, especially at DL! It is the only place adults can walk around with Mickey Mouse ears and Goofy hats and not be embarrassed!

We were thinking of going today, I opted out to clean our house. I wish we did, looks like it was the perfect day!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

LOL...okay I am just a bit slow. I forgot you are in Hong Kong and probably went to the DL there! I am telling you, I cleaned all day...pooped!

I did not think chicken feet was a delicacy here!

Yelena R. said...

What? I love kids meals. They are:
a. Cheap
b. Delicious!

Especially when one of the choices is chicken feet...ugh...I totally understand your choice :)

Muthering Heights said...

Silly rules!!

I like your photos though! :)

Alicia said...

Wow, I'm surprised they made a "point" of telling you that. I mean, it's not like you would go to Disney every week and eat there as if you were going McDonald's!! Crazy!!

Eww on the chicken feet!

Wanda said...

What a way to spoil a perfect day! Someone takes his job WAY too seriously.

Despite the berating you received, your day sounds divine. And your pics are so crisp and clear. Your kids are gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Goodness gracious, my mom would have taken us to Disneyland month after month if they served chicken feet here in the states! LOL! Everyone in my family (that is, with the exception of the children of these people) looove chicken feet, and pig feet... and whatever else that is just not really appetizing to me! LOL!

Lindy said...

Wow...you'd think on a weekday when they weren't as busy as they probably normally are, they'd enjoy the extra business and not want to piss off their patrons.

I'da told him to shove the chicken feet up his arse.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I don't blame you for ordering the kids meal. I would have done the same.

Aunt LoLo said...

UGH! Gai Geuk Mihn!! Sorry about the server...I mean, it's a rule I've seen all over the place, but he should have brought it up with the one that sold you the meal, not with the customer. Not very DISNEY of him!

Veronica Lee said...

Ewwwwwww!! I hate Gai Geuk period

I would definitely have done the same.

Keyona said...

I had that fight with someone at Johnny Rockets. They REFUSED to sell me a kids meal. I knew their regular meal was too much for me but they wouldn't do it. For all they knew I could have been taking one home for Lael. I swore I would never eat there again and I havent...ok just once more...BUT THAT'S IT! ;o)

Honey Mommy said...

I think that's silly. If all you want to eat is the amount of food contained in a kids meal, then I think you should be able to buy one!

That first shot is lovely!

Serendipity is Sweet said...

That would irk me too. Why even bother to say so since you had already eaten and were paying? And I've always thought that was an unfair rule. You are paying for the amount of food right? Unless it's a buffet the price should be the same no matter who eats it!!

Mahmee said...

First of all, the kids look fabulous. So sweet.
Chicken feet...hmmm...I remember seeing those in China and thinking that I would not be interested in consuming the foot of any animal...ga-ross! It's about as appealing (and as filthy) as say, consuming the backside of said animal. Blech!
That guy at the restaurant needs to spend more time in a Goofy costume and less time in contact with customers.
Can I just say that the idea of Mickey-shaped sushi has me giggling like a school girl. Heh.

Marie said...

That just seems really rude on their part. I order kids meals a lot of times when I'm out and don't want a bigger meal -- a kids meal is often just the right size for me :-) I think it should be up to the person buying the food to decide what size meal they want!

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking, from multiple times to WDW in Orlando, that you CAN order a kids meal if you paying for it. If you are eating family service/all you can eat/buffet then you must pay adult price. I think it might be an unwritten rule because Dh said that they let you get away with it for the most part....

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