10 October 2009

SIGG Bottles : Voluntary Exchange Program

I remember when all the BPA madness first erupted and everybody was was scrambling to find alternatives to plastic water bottles, sippy cups, etc. I narrowed my choices down to two brands: SIGG and LAKEN. Both are aluminum bottles (with liners) and have very good reputation. SIGG, made in Switzerland; LAKEN, from Spain.

The decision as to which brand to purchase was taken out of my hands when my sister-in-law gave both Josh and Zoë SIGG bottles last summer as presents. Chris and I got ourselves LAKEN bottles –because we liked the designs on their bottles better.

Imagine the horror when my sister-in-law forwarded information to me late last month about how SIGG bottles are not BPA-free after all. In a letter posted on their website in September (letter is currently no longer on the SIGG website), the CEO of SIGG explained that they never claimed to be BPA-free, and that regular and thorough tests that they have conducted in both Switzerland and the US “revealed no detectable migration of BPA or any other substance from the protective inner liner” (water-based epoxy liner which contained a trace amount of BPA). He apologized for not having been clearer and as a gesture of goodwill, SIGG is instituting a voluntary exchange program for SIGG bottles manufactured before Aug 2008. Please note that the exchange program ends on 31 Oct 2009.

SIGG is now using a new, next generation EcoCare liner, which is BPA-free. To tell the difference between the old liner and the new EcoCare liner, see here.

I just had both bottles exchanged today –right here in Hong Kong, –without having to ship them back to Canada! A big shout-out to Escapade HK and to the SIGG office in Shanghai for agreeing to do the exchange and for responding so promptly to my request. Now that is great customer service.


Six Feet Under Blog said...

great that they are stepping up to fix the problem!

blueviolet said...

I remember hearing that and my daughter exchanged her Sigg bottle because of it. I swear it's one scare after another, isn't it?

Alicia said...

Well, then that makes up for the Disney incident! LOL.

Glad you got to exchange, hassle free!

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