30 October 2009

Super Stoked #2

Josh is stoked because:

Zoë is stoked because:
    • She got to come along tonight to Josh’s Halloween party!
    • She managed to actually fill her Halloween bag with sweets: Two chocolate eyeballs and a gumdrop. Which was three more than what Josh got (zero!), because Josh was busy running around being Super Joshua and didn’t really check out the various sweets available (thank goodness!).
    • She had her very first lollipop. (This was what she thanked Jesus for at bedtime prayers tonight: “Thank you, Jesus, for lollipop at Koko’s school and Zoë brush teeth after.”)

I am stoked because:
    • Both Josh and Zoë had a really wonderful time at the Halloween party. I am SO glad that we went. I had such fun watching them have a blast. I am SO, SO glad we went.
    • Zoë’s glee at coming along to Josh’s Halloween party was absolutely priceless. She was already waiting downstairs in her purple cape when we drove by to pick her up after Josh’s Socatots class. The first thing she said when she climbed into the car was “I go to party, Mommy.” During the entire 15-minute drive to Josh’s school, she couldn’t stop smiling and talking about going to “HAH-luh-ween” party.
    • Chris is home from his trip to Malaysia and he got me some muruku (a popular South Indian snack), after I’d mentioned that I’d been craving for some after seeing them mentioned in Veronica’s Diwali post.

    • I just finished making mini spider brownie cupcakes for Josh to bring to school tomorrow. Not exactly a work of art, but I know that Josh will be thrilled with how they look. Aren’t they creepy? Taste-wise? I know the brownies are yummy, but I don’t know how weird the taste would be overall, because I used nori for the legs and the top. I also used a thin layer of vanilla frosting to “glue” the nori in place and I used green gel icing for the eyes.

Spider Brownie Cupcakes Spider Brownie Cupcakes

Chris is stoked because:
    • He’s home!
    • He gets to eat the leftover brownies!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Yelena R. said...

Everyone's stoked! Hahahah.... Those spider brownies look really creepy :)

smiles4u said...

How wonderful! Reading how stoked your family is put a big smile on my face this afternoon. Seeing your delicious snacks makes me hungry! Those spider cup cakes are so darn cute!

golonghorns said...

Cute cupcakes! My kids had a party a preschool today and they came home with a bag of candy and a sugar buzz, oh joy!!!

LPC said...

I am SO glad you guys went to the party. And I love the anthropology of spider brownies with nori legs:).

Menopausal New Mom said...

Those cupcakes are so clever! The kiddies must have loved them. Thanks for posting!

Nezzy said...

It's the stoked family filled with fun, laughter and leftover spider brownies. Boy, life doesn't get any better than this!!!

Ya'll have a wonderful time just enjoying each other!

Priscila said...

what a fun post. I can just imagine josh with his cape on...I have a 4 year old that decided last weekend he was "astro boy" at soccer. So he was playing with his arm out like superman haha it was so funny
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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Zoe's bedtime prayer was done with such a thankful heart for her lollipop!

Loved the cupcake idea. I wouldn't have thought to use the nori but it gave it an eerie look. So cool!

Dandy said...

Those spider brownies are really scary! Nori sweets, ha!

Can I just say that I love those Indian snacks only I didn't know what they were. I tried them this past summer but the label wasn't in English and they weren't in curls like that.

They are so good!

Dandy said...

I got so excited about the food I forgot to comment on the kids.

I love that they were so excited. Its one of the great joys of the holidays that you can see the kids faces light up. Pictures?

blueviolet said...

I'm so glad that everyone had such a great time! It sounds perfect. The spiders are the cutest!

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, you lost me at Nori brownies. haha...but they look great!!!!

Glad everybody's stoked. ;-)

Sandra said...

I love how the spiders turned out--so cute!

Lexi said...

Those are cute ideas! I love your blog and just became a follower! I also wanted to share my site with you since I see a cute little girl in your picture! I hope youll check it out! :)


Wanda said...

Well...you just bottle up some of the stokieness. Sounds like your house is just brimming with joy!


Veronica Lee said...

The cupcakes are awesome!! WOW, that was really creative.

Hope you enjoyed your Muruku!!!

Dorothy said...

Happy Halloween..the yummies look so good.

Dorothy from grammology

Lindy said...

Sounds like everybody is happy!

And the brownies look great - great in a gross kinda way. :)

Jana said...

the nori brownie cupcakes are super cute and very halloween! I love them! Im hungry now...

Isaiah doesnt know about alot of different types of candy either, a clerk at the grocery store was astonished when he kept asking me what different candies were...

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