03 November 2009

Crowd-way Bay

Probably every tourist who is in Hong Kong for the shopping would somehow find their way to Causeway Bay. Plenty of shopping to be had there –high-end designer items from Times Square, Lee Gardens and Sogo,


discount cosmetics at Sasa and Bonjour, DSC03678


hairy crabs –don’t ask, I’ve never tried these, but some of our friends absolutely love them, --DSC03656

and similar goods and knick-knacks found in the Stone Slabs Street (remember the wigs, the feather boas and the dismembered body parts?) in Central.

I both love and hate going to Causeway Bay.

  1. I love it for the buzz.
  2. My favorite bubble tea place has its last remaining store on Hong Kong island in Causeway Bay.
  3. Usually, I am able to make just one trip to Causeway Bay and get all the things I need to get within a one-mile radius --on foot.
  4. I love that it’s so central and easily accessible via all types of public transportation –bus, taxi, mini-bus, MTR. Forget about driving there as it’s hard to find parking --not to mention expensive, too –at HK$25 (US$3) an hour.
  5. I love the fact that there are SO many restaurants to choose from. Chee Kai is there. My favorite Thai restaurant is there. And it has this –

DSC03653 clay pot rice, where the rice is cooked and served in these little clay pots. Just perfect for the cooler weather that we’re starting to get now.


The number one thing that I don’t like about Causeway Bay? The crowds. Especially so on the weekends. See this street here? DSC03641

On weekends (and even weeknights, I think), it is closed to vehicular traffic, so that people can freely walk in the middle of the road. It can be a bit overwhelming.

And these ones below? This is the pedestrian crossing along Hennessy Road, in front of Sogo Department Store. Madness, huh?DSC03647



This is Jardine’s Crescent. Also partially closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate pedestrians. Because the sidewalks here are eensy-weensy.DSC03654


More photos of Causeway Bay:

Samsung shop across from Sogo. Check out the promo girls in their come-look get-up.DSC03643

The CSL phone shop. Lots of phone shops all within a stone’s throw from each other. DSC03652

The old Matsusakaya Department Store site. I don’t know what they’re building there now, but I love how they built a wall around the construction site and painted the ‘wall’ so that it’s not an eyesore. What’s more, I love how they made room for the tree branches by cutting out spaces for them on the wall.DSC03655


I haven’t even begun to cover the other interesting bits of Causeway Bay, but this will have to suffice for now… More later.


LPC said...

My colleagues swear by hairy crabs. But they have to be certified for authenticity in Shanghai restaurants...or so they tell me.

Alicia said...

Wow!! That reminds me of Waikiki!!!

I would love to window shop there!

blueviolet said...

Oh wow, I admit those crowds are intimidating!

Bubble tea, I want to try that. My daughter has had it several times now!

BluePixo Entertainment said...

Hi, just stopping by to say hi and check out your blog

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Well I don't know about the hairy crab either. I love how they block the construction from site. I wish they did that here. I love all the pictures.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Wow! Thanks for taking us along on this great shopping trip! I would be so overwhelmed by the crowds! Here in Eastern Canada, we are so spoiled, hardly any lines at the checkouts, easy to get around the stores and for the most part, lots of cheap parking. Now if only we had that selection! Thai Food is my favorite, GOOD Thai Food that is, best I've had was in New Zealand. Thanks for sharing!

Wanda said...

Very cool how they prettied up the construction site. And I can see how one can have a love/hate thing with the crowds and shopping.

(I'd still love it though!!)

Look forward to more pics.

Veronica Lee said...

Claypot rice loaded with salted fish - they're my favourite!!! Have you tried them in Malaysia?

Buckeroomama said...

@Veronica: Yum, I love salted fish, but no, I haven't tried that in Malaysia. My favorite here, though, is the one with minced beef and then you crack a raw egg on top and mix it all in.

Lindy said...

This is NOT for me. I can't stand crowds. We have two malls in my city, one is indoor and one is outdoor...I always go to the outdoor one, even in the dead of winter b/c it seems so much calmer.

And hairy crabs? WTH.

Nezzy said...

MMmmmmm, bubbling tea and hairy crabs. I don't think we have anything like that 'round the Ozarks. Thanks for taking us on this very interesting tour.

Ya'll have a wonderful day!!!

Aunt LoLo said...

Heh.. "cooler weather" I checked your weather - it's still in the 70s. LOL (but I DO remember how cold 65 feels there!!!)

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