12 November 2009

Zoë Tales # 3

Other children pick flowers for their mommies. My daughter? She gathers a handful of leaves for me. For you, Mommy. Like it?
Leaves for Mommy

Zoë could have brought me twigs and I would have felt like she brought me roses.

This was the view from our window when Josh and Zoë came to our bed and woke us up around 6:30am. I sleepily told Zoë to look at the pretty golden sunlight on the water. She took a look --
Zoë: But I want purple.
Me: Purple what?
Zoë: I want purple light.
Me: What color is the sun?
Zoë: Um, yellow.
Me: So you get yellow sunlight.
Zoë: No, I want purple light on dah water.
I gave up. Too early in the morning. Too sleepy to have that discussion with her. Although now that I look at the photo again, I guess she might have been referring to the purplish light on the horizon.

Zoë knows just how to push Josh’s buttons.

This morning, when Josh was having difficulty pulling the shirt through his head, we were laughing and said, “That’s because you have such a big head.” Zoë immediately ran over to Josh and said, “I have big head and you have small head.”
Josh: No! You have a small head.
Zoë: No! I have big head and you have small head.
Josh: NO, ZOË!! How old are you? (Trying to use logic to prove that because he's older, he has to have the bigger head.)
Zoë: (Two fingers out) Two!
Josh: (Four fingers out) [I'm] Four!
Zoë: (Still two fingers out) Eight!
Josh: ZOË!!!! YOU MUST BE JOKING!!! YOU'RE NOT EIGHT!! I don’t want to play with you anymore! (Stomped off in a huff.)

That is usually how their battles of wills end –with Josh stomping off in frustration.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Zoe just loves tugging on Josh's sense of humor. She has the makings of being a Little Rascal too but in the most cutest and adorable way!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Your children must keep you laughing, they say the cutest things! Love that morning view! Beautiful!

Annie said...

I love that! Purple on the water, how imaginative!!

Wanda said...

Wow, what a gorgeous sunrise.

Your kids are just a hoot - you probably agree MOST of the time except when all their buttons are being pushed. Funny story.

Helene said...

Awww, I love these stories!! Your kids are so awesome!!! The leaves Zoe picked our beautiful! Funny how Josh finally got so frustrated with her! He should know you can't reason with a 2-yr old...LOL!!

smiles4u said...

That photo is amazing. Wow! That is what you see every day? I am jealous. :) I just love reading of your children...makes me smile big! :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

My daughter brings me leaves too. The sunrise is gorgeous. What a view!

Lindy said...

My youngest can get the oldest two soooo frustrated. It must be a gift that little girls have.

Beth Dunn said...

If my child hands me a piece of paper I get excited-leaves are so cute! xoox


Veronica Lee said...

That pic is awesome, buckeroomama!

Nezzy said...

As mothers we are just trilled to get any recognition that we'll cherish anything as a beautiful gift from our children or hubbies as far as that goes.

Poor Josh, who can even begin to argue against that Zoe logic. The kid doesn't stand a chance. Were talkin' a child who wants to control the color of sunrises. Heeeheehe!

The picture is just breathtaking. Have a wonderful day enjoying all the beauty that surrounds you!!!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Very sweet! Ive gotten worse and treasured it like it was diamonds!

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Zoe-nator always makes me smile. She takes me back in time. Heh.

Aunt LoLo said...

I love that Zoe always wins.

And I LOVE YOUR VIEW. Oh my goodness...I don't think I would ever leave the window.

blueviolet said...

She certainly does know how to push his buttons!

She is such a character! A couple of those leaves made me crack up!

RoseBelle said...

LOL! At two, that was really quick thinking on Z's part to say that Josh has a big head. She connected the dots - sweater didn't fit = big head. My lil girl at two was throwing out jibberish words that I had a hard time understanding. I had to ask my eldest daughter to translate. For some reasons, my eldest girl completely understood what her sister was saying.

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