20 December 2009

On Lee Noodle Shop… Since 1966

We decided to try somewhere new, somewhere more local tonight. Chris took me to a small noodle shop where a friend had taken him before. It was on Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, the same street as the Tin Hau Temple. Although you will not find this noodle shop mentioned in any of the tourist booklets, it is apparently well-known for its fish ball noodles and is quite popular amongst the locals.
They even have boards up on their walls where “famous” people sign their names and write their comments.
DSC04457 DSC04458
The noodle shop is set up like a “cha chan teng” (tea house). You can see the “kitchen” as you go in the restaurant: The big soup container, the stacks of bowls, the different ingredients, etc.
You go in, sit down at any available table or if there are no free tables, you share a table with other people already seated, if there are free seats next to them at their table. Condiments are shared. You get your own pair of chopsticks from a chopsticks container on the table. As with most local dining places here, you bring your own paper napkins.
On Lee has on lee only a few items on its main menu: Different types of noodles (flat, white, fine, etc.) + wonton, fish balls, fish cakes, beef brisket, beef balls. That’s all they serve, apart from the usual afternoon tea fare of buttered toast and milk tea.

Chris ordered this: Flat noodles with sliced beef and fish cakes. With soup on the side. Apparently, this was what he and his friend would order when they would go there.
This was what I ordered: Noodles in soup, with wonton, beef slices, fish cake, fish balls, and beef balls. What? I wanted to try everything, okay?
Mine was pretty good. The beef was so tender, but I have to say, though, I liked Chris’ noodles better. Next time, if we go there again, I would order what he had ordered tonight.

Lee On is open daily from 7am – 7pm. It’s on a short street lined with similar noodle shops –at least three that I’d noticed, -- and dessert places. People usually park in the street, go in for a quick meal, and leave. I reckon it’s not too far to walk if one would take the MTR or the tram to get there, either.
The food is cheap and cheerful. For two noodle dishes and a glass of milk tea,
our final bill came to HK$71 (less than US$10!).


Yelena R. said...

That looks so delicious! I think flat noodles are my favorite noodles ever :)

Anonymous said...

looks delish..!!EnJoY..!!

LPC said...

Oh num! I'm suddenly starving. Really, my mouth is watering...

Menopausal New Mom said...

Your soup looked so tasty although that milk tea, well I'm not so sure but I would certainly give it a try. I love anything noodles and would love to have a seat at this place sometime!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That looks delicious! Do you serve yourself?

I was trying to spot the fish cake. Is that the triangular piece on top on top of the beef?

Does everyone automatically carry paper napkins with them all the time?

When I come out there, that's one place we're going!!!

smiles4u said...

That sounds wonderful! Yum! Does this mean Mom and Dad were at home with the kids so that the two of you could have some time away? Now I'm hungry!

Johnny said...


Nezzy said...

The food looked delicious but you'll have to tell us about the milk~tea sometime. The napkin thing was new to me too. Sharing is fun isn't it?

Have a wonderful day, now go enjoy your blessings!

aamayna said...

I love these posts that give me a flavor of life there! Thanks for sharing!

jen@odbt said...

The soup looks so good. We could use a good bowl of delicious soup after all our snow.

Janine said...

I love your pictures! And I agree, looks yummy!

shelley said...

that looks wonderful! i haven't stopped over in a while and i wanted to say "hi!" and wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday seson!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

So cool to see how they do things elsewhere. My hubby has been there before.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lindy said...

I may have to visit there since I wouldn't eat anything. In the course of a week I'll be down to my ideal weight... ;)

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