31 December 2010

My Porteen Gear Camera Bag Is Here!

I could not wait to use my new D90, but I was worried about taking it outside with no proper camera bag to protect it.  I had originally wanted to get the Lowepro Passport Sling, but upon checking it out at the shop, decided that it was not for me.

I’d wanted something a bit roomier, but not bulky.  I’d wanted space not just for my camera, but for my personal stuff as well, so that I wouldn’t have to be carrying two separate bags.  I’d wanted a bag that would have sufficient padding for my camera gear (I love how that sounded!), yet one that wouldn’t look like those black bulky nylon camera bags that they sell in the camera shops.

In the meantime, I had been stuffing my big handbag with a towel whenever I’d bring out my D90.

I did some online research to see what options I had.  A few bags caught my eye on Etsy, but they just didn’t feel right.  Some looked really pretty, but weren’t that practical.  I didn’t want faux leather.  I wanted stylish, but not too girly.  I learned of Porteen Gear from a post on Govivi.com, followed her links, and promptly fell in love.  And spent literally hours going back and forth between the different bags on Porteen Gear’s Etsy shop.  And spent yet some more time going through all the comments her buyers have left for her.

Wouldn’t you drool over this, too?

What I love about the Porteen Gear bags, primarily, is that they are designed by a photographer (an award-winning one at that!) –someone in the know, as opposed to just any bag designer.  I love that every single feedback left on her Etsy shop is positive.  Not merely positive –many actually rave about the craftsmanship, the high-quality materials, and how the bags looked even better than what we see online!  Many wrote of how easy and pleasant it was to deal with Robyn, what efficient service she provides.

I love the look of her bags –functional, just a tad edgy. I love that I could custom-order my own bag.  I got to pick the leather, the canvas, the interior fabric, the accent fabric, the color of the bag and the strap.  My bag looks something similar to this (I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of it yet):

I’d placed my order on Dec 2nd and knew that my bag would not be ready until 2-3 weeks’ time, because of the Christmas rush.  I’d accepted that I most probably would not receive it until after Christmas, factoring in shipping time over the holidays.  Yet every day from when I’d finally placed the order, I would log on to the Porteen Gear Etsy shop and just ogle the bags, dreaming of when I’d get mine.  Every day, I’d check the feedback section and noted that more and more buyers have received their bags and absolutely loved them.  That got me hopeful.  And excited.

My bag arrived on Christmas Eve, beautifully packaged!  Chris could tell you that I was literally hopping up and down when he walked through the door.  I was beside myself.  And just like all the comments that I’d read on the shop’s feedback section, I. absolutely. love. my. bag.  I agree totally with everybody that dealing with Robyn was such a pleasure –easy, no fuss, very professional.


For those of you who are in the market for a camera bag, do check out Porteen Gear.

And while you are at it, you might find yourself tempted
to get one of her camera wrist straps, too.  

I got one and I can say that like the bag, the wrist strap
is of really good quality and great craftsmanship.
I am SO tempted to order another bag even though I don’t need one!

All photos in this post are from Porteen Gear and from the Porteen Gear Etsy shop.

Red Things


Thanks to Laura’s Macro Friday and Ewa’s Flowers on Saturday, I’ve really enjoyed taking pictures of flowers –even though I don’t know the names to most of them!  This one here was taken during our visit to Inspiration Lake on Monday.  The sun was bright out, very bright, but I kind of like how this turned out, glaring brightness and all.



Bluberry craft and hobby time


May 2011 be a blessed year for everyone.

30 December 2010

Top 10 of ‘10

In no particular order, these photos definitely make my top 10 list of the millions of photos that I’ve taken of Josh and Zoë this year.

1.  I love this one of them kindly posing for me.  Josh figured he looked pretty cool in his shades and Zoë?  With her lopsided shades, her little purse, and her purple Dora crocs, she just melts me.  What makes this even more darling for me is that they’re holding hands.  This never fails to make me go all mushy inside.
Josh and Zoe - shades -1

2.  This is one of the first few photos taken with my new DSLR.  I love how ‘clean’ they look –white shirts, white background.  What you don’t see is how Josh looked after he finished his gelato.  His cheeks, tip of his nose, and the areas around his lips were smeared chocolatey!

3.  This was taken the same day as the one above, but a bit earlier.  Zoë would never have let Josh kiss her if he had chocolate gelato all over his face.  Then again, if only for the chance to lick some chocolate, she might…

4.  Super Fire Girl and Mato Rex (Jedi) – This was how they were dressed up for Josh’s school’s Halloween Disco –as superheroes, or something like that.  I love the names that they’ve made up for themselves.
Jedi and Super Fire Girl - 2a

5.  Here’s Josh as one of the Wise Men at his first nativity pageant.  He said that he wanted to play God instead of one of the Wise Men.

6/7.  I love these two shots, because it’s very rare that I catch Josh in a natural smile instead of a grimace that he puts on that passes off as his smile.


8. After seeing how this photo turned out, I’d decided that Zoë is quite becoming in brown.

9.  My little diva.  Travelling incognito –trying to escape the mamarazzi.  Shades, kung fu shirt, slippers, little bag, and oh, don’t forget the attitude.

10.  The littlest angel at her first nativity pageant.

Happy New Year, my friends!

29 December 2010

Cable Cars

Riding in one of these used to be a highlight of our trips to Ocean Park.
For Zoë, it still is.
the long road
She would always pick to ride a purple one.
Josh, on the other hand, doesn’t think it’s as cool anymore.
The smile you see in this shot
quickly turned to a look of concern as we approached one of the ‘towers,’
where the ride got a bit shaky and bumped along for a few seconds.
Zoë reached over and held on to his arm.
And then this look eventually came back.
Live and Love…Out Loud Mom Blogs

26 December 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Glow

1.  GlowGlow
2.  Motion BlurMotion-blur
3.  Pretty Package (A cable car all prettied up for the holidays) Pretty-Package

4. FamilyFamily
5.  SparkleSparkle1
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23 December 2010

It’s Snowing!


It never snows here.  Never.  Ever.

Josh wants SO much to see snow.

Well, today, he did.


For a few minutes.

“Snow” from the machine at Ocean Park

that blew out foamy bits that look very much like snow.

That was enough for Josh.

For now.


Happy Christmas, my friends!

22 December 2010

Party Entertainer

It seems like every other kiddie party we go to these days has a party entertainer on hand. 


The entertainer in the one that we went to the other weekend even had a sidekick,


who would crack comments at just the right moments.

They both made for hilarious entertainment for both kids and adults for about an hour --
fun with Freddy, magic tricks, balloon twisting, ball spinning, etc.

What’s your take on party entertainers?  Essential?  Over the top? 

21 December 2010


Come, sit down, and see our BE-formance (performance)!
Okay, I’ll do it.  If you RE-sist (insist).
(Imagine this said in a really resigned tone.)

Stop it!  You’re EX-turbing me (disturbing)!
And this, we overheard from our room–
Josh:  Stop it!
Zoë:  Stop it!
Josh:  Don’t do that!
Zoë:  Don’t do that!
Josh:  Mommy, Zoë’s copying me.
Zoë:  No, I wasn’t. I was just talking to myself.
…and it was all Chris and I could do to keep from laughing out loud!

Here’s wishing you all the very best of this holiday season and for the coming year!

19 December 2010


1.  BW with selective colorBW-with-selective-coloring


2.  Winter – Our winter here gets cold, but it doesn’t snow.  So no winter wonderland scenes from me.  I hope this counts, as it is only during winter time that we see a scene like this.  Josh and Zoë like playing with only the lights on the Christmas tree on. 




3.   The WindWind


4.  FramedFramed


5.  Remember WhenRemember-when  …it was summer and the weather was warm and balmy

and a sip of young coconut juice could be sooo refreshing?



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