15 February 2010

Communal Global : Like Having Pen Pals, Only Better

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Did anyone here have pen pals when they were growing up? I did. At one point, I had over ten of them. I would go home from school and the first thing I would check was our mailbox. I would be over the moon when I got letters addressed to me, written in different scripts, on envelopes with nice looking postage stamps. It was wonderful having a pal from a different country, with a different culture. It was great getting a glimpse into what their world is like. To date, I still keep in touch with three of my pen pals (somehow this term sounds rather quaint now) and have met up with two of them. We still exchange Christmas cards, but mostly we correspond via emails these days. These are friends I have known since fourth grade, so if my math is correct, we’ve been corresponding for over a quarter of a century! Imagine that.

Blogging and the internet has kept alive my interest in and curiosity (some call it nosiness!) about how other people in different parts of the world live. When Rebeckah from Life with Kaishon asked if I would like to join Communal Global, I jumped at the chance! It’s like having pen pals all over again, only we do it with photos. In the group, we have ladies from Japan, United States (PA, NV, GA, UT), Canada, South Africa, Dubai, Italy, Finland, Indonesia, The Bahamas, Norway, Germany, and of course Hong Kong. Some days we post to a theme; other days, we simply post pictures of “Today…,” –a glimpse into our lives “today,” wherever that might be. You can read more about Communal Global here.

When you have the chance, do drop by Communal Global and visit with us. (And feel free to grab our button, too!)


hypermom said...

Pen pals! Wow, I haven't heard those words for a long time. Will drop by Communal Global :)

From FFF at MBC

Lindy said...

It's crazy to think that we actually used to WRITE letters.

golonghorns said...

Wow, what a fun idea. Loved visiting and seeing all the pictures and perspectives from all the gals. Very fascinated by other cultures so it is fun to see a glimpse of their thoughts and lives.

Nezzy said...

I did, many in fact. I like to think of all my bloggin' buddies as my adult pen-pals. It's fun tasting all the different sights and cultures. Ya'll know this Ozarks farm chick loves her fun!!!

Make the most of your day, God bless!!!

Jana said...

WOW! what a great Idea I love a good adventure and its going to be so much fun finding out about all those great areas!

Genny said...

What a great idea! :)

blueviolet said...

I had a pen pal from France when I was in grade school!!!

Emily said...

This is a great description! My daughter has two pen pals now (yep, the old-fashioned kind) and I itching to get started at Communal Global for some pen pals of my own. So nice to "meet" you!

Dandy said...

I never had a pen pal.. but I'll definitely be checking that place out!

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