12 February 2010

Fix-It Friday #43

The before pic:image

I thought I’d try my hand at using Photoscape. Yelena over at June Daisies told me about this free editing program when I asked her how she made her collages.

Photoscape edit4349936325_ed51e3dc64_b

Picasa editPicasaEdit

What do you think?

There are a lot more features on Photoscape than there are on Picasa, but I'll have to play around on Photoscape some more.


Check out other edits on this adorable cutie-patootie on iheartfaces’ Fix-It Friday this week.



Serline said...

I think the third one looks more natural. Maybe you can try highlight some pink on the cheeks just to add a little bit more fun. Enjoy!

Nezzy said...

Sweet! I love playin' with the pics.

God bless!!!

Dandy said...

I keep meaning to check out photoscape. We're slow here today.. perhaps I'll head over there now.

What do you normally use to edit?

My favorite is the third, I like the color.

Alicia said...

I love how the eyes look sparkly! I'll have to check out that website.

Great job on the editing!

Caroline said...

I think you did a great job :D Her eyes are brighter in the photoscape edit, but the brighter areas on her face are maybe a touch too much brighter in that edit ~ hard to choose! :D

I downloaded Photoscape too, but I didn't like it much and went with Picnik in the end for collages and Gimp for editing (also free). I have since bought PSE7 on Ebay and am using the Free beta test of Lightroom 3 until April. But GIMP is brilliant once you learn it :D. Another freebie (with layering) is paint.net :D

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

really loving the first edit! Love the black and white

MrsW said...

I think I like the Photoscape one best too - gotta love free stuff :) - especially if it's this good.

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