29 March 2010

Seen in Hong Kong #13: Stanley Market


I played tourist today. For you. So I can show you one of my favorite places here in Hong Kong. I used to hang out here every day when Josh was in K1 --when I would drop him off at school, go over to Stanley with a couple of my mommy friends, stroll through the lanes (and almost always ending up with at least a couple of bags of purchases!) until it was time to go pick up Josh again. Every day, for 11 months. You’d think I’d tire of the place already.

I still go there three times a week now (kiddies’ activities and church), but I have more restraint now. I try not to venture into the lanes unless there is something I need to get. But today, we have a guest in town and that was as good an excuse as any to browse. I almost always take friends visiting from overseas to Stanley Market. It’s colorful, great value shopping, with lots of knick-knacks and good souvenir items, as well as a good variety of clothing items and accessories in prices that are good enough even for locals.

There are paintings and shops that do framing services…


These cards are Chinese names for common English names. Like, Oliver is 澳利崋, which, when pronounced in Chinese sounds close to how Oliver is pronounced in English.


Or you can get the key chains instead… more practical than the cards, I think.


You want bags? There are plenty. Cute and fun ones, like these…


and there are trendier ones like these. These are priced at 50% off –all the time. Some shops have Buy-2-Get-1-Free deals to encourage tourists to buy more.


Of course, you will find pandas…


and these knick-knacks. I’m not exactly sure what these are for… something to hang on your key chain or the end of your cell phone or a zipper pull, maybe?

DSC07138 DSC07135

And then you have these… really cute umbrellas in a container shaped like a wine bottle!


Speaking of wine bottles… wine bottle covers! How cute are these?


Scarves make nice presents for friends back home… light, does not take up much room in your luggage.


This is one of my favorite shops in Stanley. This shop sells linen clothing. Really nice. I love linen, but I hate that it gets creased very easily; but when it’s crisp and fresh, there’s nothing like it.


Check out these tees…


And these silk robes…


And these cute little girl clothes… The other wall has displays of cute little boy outfits, too. Most of these clothes are export overruns.


Onesies and baby clothes… There are quite a number of shops that sell children’s clothing. You get Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Carter’s, Jacadi, Next, Janie & Jack, Oilily, etc.

This shop sells tablecloths, napkins, laundry bags, doilies, hankies…


Chops, anyone? Click on the link to find out what these are.


Pearls, pearls, pearls galore…

DSC07125 DSC07128

and other types of jewelry.


Silver compact mirrors…


Paper lanterns and miniature tees.


Pencil cases, tissue box covers, chopsticks, table runners, place mats, etc.


There are, of course, countless shops that sell souvenir tees. There’s a Salvation Army store, flower shops, a fruit stand, a book store, some shoe stores… Stanley Market is a shopper’s delight. If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, make sure you find your way to Stanley Market. Make sure you do that. You will thank me. I know you will.


blueviolet said...

WOW!!! I especially love the bags and scarves!

LPC said...

Wow. Sensory overwhelm, in a good way. Especially like those tees.

ModernMom said...

Oh you and I could be shopping buddies! I love the pearls, the scarves, the little wine bags (not sure what that says about me). I can see how you could pass the hours at that market:)

CottageGirl said...

What a place! They seem to have EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! and they even take VISA!!!
Your pictures are great ... so colorful. They really capture the place!

Happy shopping!

May I ask ... What is K1? Also ... do your schools go for 11 months? (Ours go for a little over 9 months.)

*Jess* said...

Okay, you've convinced me! I want to go shopping!

Wanda said...

Wow...wow...wow....wish I was there right now. I'd be very busy!

What a great review. Thanks

Alicia said...

Oh wow! What fun place to get a bunch of goodies!!

Lindy said...

Interesting that no matter where you travel, there are always these places grouped heavily together to entice the tourist....and it always works. :)

Sarah said...

I love any type of Asian market. Although I haven't been to Hong Kong, I've been to China, Japan, and Taiwan. The markets, especially the night ones, are the best!!!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Oh WOW, that is amazing and overwhelming even in a blog. :-) Thanks for the tour! Sure wish I could buy some of that Jewelry! lol
Great post! ~ Coreen

Nezzy said...

WoW!!! Can I come??? I promise, I won't eat much and I love to clean. Heeeheehe!

God bless and have a great time today!!!

Dandy said...

I loved this tour! I want to go now!

a Tonggu Momma said...

You had me at pandas...

Rose Belle said...

It feels like walking in our Chinatown. So many things to see and so easily tempted to buy! I'm always drawn in any art places so if I were at Stanley Market, I'll be in the painting and frame shop most of the time.

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Loved seeing this. I taught English in Hong Kong for awhile and miss HK dearly. I lived in Zhuhai and traveled to HK on my weekends off. Wonderful people, fabulous shopping, awesome food, and an amazing culture.

My fiancée is Cantonese. He moved to the sates when he was 8. I hope to enrich our children’s lives will all that the Chinese culture has to offer and that includes many trips to HK!

Kendra "Domestic Princess in Training" and "Kendra Pryor Photograhpy"

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, now I want to go shopping! LOL

there was an art market outside of Shanghai that was like CRACK for me. We spent most of our "souvenir" money there last time we were in China.

La Jolla Mom said...

I've been missing HK too much to stop by for a while but glad I did today. I absolutely love Stanley. I know exactly where you took most of those photos. I took everyone who visited there.

Barring a major disaster, I'll be there in late June, would love to meet you there in real life!

Anonymous said...

Hi whats the name of the store in Stanley market that you posted a picture of that sell, the linen, laundry bags, table clothes, etc.?

Buckeroomama said...

I don't remember the name of the store (if it even has a name), but if you go down Stanley Market (the main drag), the store will be on your left, You won't miss it. Stanley Market is very small. :)

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