26 March 2010

We Want YOU

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…to join us in Communal Global’s picture contest starting 01 April –to the theme of ‘Today’!   So start thinking of a photo that you want to share for the contest.  You can check out some of our ‘Today’ photos here, here, here, and here.  OR better yet, simply browse through the Communal Global site for all the ‘Today’ posts and the other themes as well.  *wink*

All you have to do is post your ‘Today’ photo on your OWN blog and link it to the Communal Global blog when our “Mr. Linky” goes up on 01 April.  The Mr. Linky will stay open for 5 days, so you’ll have plenty of time to link up.

The best part?  We have Miz Booshay as our Guest Judge!Yes, the same Miz Booshay who is a regular contributor to the Pioneer Woman’s Photography section.  How cool is that?!   Miz Booshay will pick her ten favorites and then we will open up the polls for everyone to vote.  The winner will get a fantastic super fantastic prize package.

Please head on over to Communal Global to read up on more details about this exciting picture contest …and start snapping away this weekend!


Alicia said...

Oh, this sounds interesting!! I'm going to check it out later!

Nezzy said...

This sounds like fun. Woohoo!

God bless and have a glorious day!!!

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