15 April 2010

Seen in Hong Kong # 14: Public Service Signs

It is heartening to see that the government and the private sector are stepping up to help raise civic awareness. There are signs around town –posters in public places, stickers inside buses and trains, etc. Below are just a few that I have seen when riding the bus the other day:


This one, hmmm. During rush hour, good luck with people giving up their seats for those in need. Many of them pretend to be “sleeping” or engrossed in their newspapers. Sometimes I am tempted to ask them outright to give up their seat for a senior citizen. When I was pregnant, many times it was the women who offered up their seat for me. I remember that a man even once jostled me away to get to a free seat –me in all my pregnant glory. Just my personal opinion, but I think women seem to take this message more seriously.



The buses and the trains are usually SRO, hence this message.


The trains and buses are generally clean. Some people do snack, though, despite the sign.


Oh, my pet peeve. Nothing more disgusting than having someone cough or sneeze and not cover their mouths, thinking that he/she is doing a public service by sharing the germs. Ugh. After SARS, people are generally more health-conscious and have started to wear masks when they have a cold. Still, these reminders don’t hurt.

Hong Kong is pretty good about public service reminders in general. In trains (and elevators!), though, I wish they would have a sign to remind those who want to get on to let passengers go out first before rushing in.

Do you think these public service signs and reminders help or are they are waste of money?


Aunt LoLo said...

I think they're nice!

Nezzy said...

I like the reminders but as a general rule I think most people ignore them. I often laugh because many people just don't read!

God bless ya!!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Buckeroomama!

Once, when we were taking the MTR to Ocean Park, Josh offered his seat to an old lady and the man seated beside him felt bad and quickly offered his seat to Josh!

BTW, a Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Zoe!

RoseBelle said...

I think public signs are posted more so for legal reasons than for public awareness. If a passenger didn't hold onto the handrail and he slips and falls, he can sue the government for not properly informing riders the potential dangers. I know, I know, sounds stupid but you know, common sense is not common anymore. Some people take full advantage of the legal system.

Your pregnant story reminds me of the time when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant boarding the bus from my doctor's office. Nobody gave up their seats. They all looked the other way or became all of sudden fascinated with their feet.

Keyona said...

People don't really pay the signs attention. I ride the train to work everyday and most people could care less that I'm pregnant and so far ONLY women have given their seats to me.....

Ash said...

when i was 7 months pregnant, i also got badly pushed by a man while getting on the bus. when i told him to pay attention to my state, he just ignored me (maybe coz he didn't understand english..?) and pushed an elderly to take up an empty seat. *sigh*

i really don't understand why and how some people can simply ignore the elderly, children, pregnant women and disabled people on public transportations? i can tell you that 90% of the people on the buses/trains dont pay any attention to those stickers. :(

Lindy said...

Isn't it kind of sad that there are people in our society that need "manners" reminders?

Whether the signs help or not, it's always good to have them posted, I think.

Mommy24cs said...

I think for every person who doesn't read them there is someone who does so it kind of balances out in the end. People can be so rude. How hard is it to do something nice for someone?

At least your signs have cute little pictures unlike the ones here that just have the words LOL.

J. L. W. said...

I have to agree that it is sad that we need "reminders" to do what is right or to use common sense. Unfortunately, I don't think most people pay any heed to these signs.

Anonymous said...

I think over time, the signs might sink in. I've seen similar initiatives work in the Caribbean. I just noticed, if your girl is now 3, you need to update your profile that says she's still 2.5! : )
I'm your newest follower/subscriber. Follow me back if you like at

katherine said...

It is sad that we do need reminders isn't? But if it helps, it is a good thing.

Hmmm. Good thoughts though..

K xx (www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com)

a Tonggu Momma said...

If your momma didn't already teach you... but it's good to have posted signs anyway. Just in case it DOES sink in with someone.

Anita said...

I think it's a help. If you see something often enough, it gets embedded in your mind, and for many the conscious will begin to "work." :)

kashya said...

I was in the same situation when I was pregnant. Women would give up a seat more times, and men pretended to not see me. I was also jostled out of the way w a 9 month belly by a guy who was trying to get around me to the empty seat. The few times that a man has given me a seat, he was usually a man who had a family and kids and a wife, you could just tell that he understood.

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