03 May 2010

Boohr-ger, Hupaloops, and Popcakes

Zoë is quite the chatterbox and sometimes the things that she says are hilarious and altogether so, so cute. Take this, for example:

gummy burger
This is one of those mini gummy burgers. She calls it a BOOH(r)-ger, as in, “Mommy, can I have a BOOH(r)-ger, please? Pretty please?” Just imagine the looks I might get from people overhearing my daughter ask beg me for a booger.

A hula hoop is a hoopaloop.


Josh tried to teach her to say it the correct way. This was how the lesson went:
Zoë, say hula.
Say hoop.
Now say hula hoop.
I give up, Mommy.

And this utterly delectable cupcake?

Is a POPcake.
Image credits:
Gummy burger – Culture_Wise/Flickr; Hula hoop – DailyHistory.net; Cupcake – A Little Slice of Heaven. (For readers in Brisbane/Australia: Jen makes the most beautifully delicious cakes and popcakes!)


blueviolet said...

I like her words way better anyhow!

Alicia said...

It's so cute how kids think they are saying things the correct way!!

LeAnna said...

Those gummy boohr-gers are my favorites. Seriously. Or maybe I shouldn't be admitting that. But I am, and they are.
I need a popcake, too. Right after I go do ten hoopaloops. ;)
Too cute!

Sarah said...

So cute! I love kid-talk :) One of my kids used to call Sloppy Joes "slippy joes" -- we still call them that even though he can say it correctly!!

*Jess* said...

I'm so glad you are writing these down! I know you think you'll never forget, but time makes memories fade. My husband remembers my kids "mispronunciations" more than I do!

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahahaha...love it!

I noticed, during Joy School this week, that all FOUR of the girls call their school bags "packbacks." Too cute.

Ash said...

aww how cute is your daughter!! i can't wait for my bub to start talking. :)


a Tonggu Momma said...

I stand by your daughter. Because that instrument of torture is definitely a hoopaloop.

Xmas Dolly said...

Hupaloop! That's great. I definitely like that wood better! And your son what a brave little man for trying to teach her! That is so sweet! Have a wonderful day!

tattytiara said...

Hoopa loop actually sounds like more fun than a hula hoop!

Anonymous said...

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Lindy said...

I love the way kids say hard words, it's adorable. You almost don't even want to correct them..except maybe for the booger one! ;)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Hulalooping sounds like the verb.

Puanani503 said...

lol...how cute! I love it when kids talk like that..Happy Monday!

RoseBelle said...

Kids are so cute when they try to pronounce what they think they hear. I'm laughing thinking about you and Z at McDonald and she asking you if she can have a booger.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

How sweet of Josh to give her lessons on how to say hula hoop. Her way of saying it is pretty cute.

Jen said...

Mine used to ask for a bite of my drink. She is using words to express herself and that is what's important.

jen@odbt said...

I'm glad you're writing these down too - it's such a fun thing to look back on. Like your new header!

Dandy said...


I can totaly picture that Josh-Zoe conversation.

paige said...

I'd like a gummy burger and a pop-cake please.

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