28 May 2010

A Little NaraCamicie Love

About a month ago, I’d entered a giveaway over at –Privilege. The prize? A US$175 gift certificate from the NaraCamicie store in San Francisco. The ever gracious LPC, –the author of –Privilege, who writes so eloquently and sagely on a wide variety of topics (fashion, parenthood, high WASP culture, among other things), –had so thoughtfully arranged it such that her readers outside of the US could participate (and win!) as well. And one of her readers outside the US did win. Me! (Thank you, LPC!)

The first time I’d come across the NaraCamicie brand was when LPC wrote in one of her posts about the extraordinary shirt that she had purchased from the San Francisco store. The photos from that post caught my eye. And then she had more photos of NaraCamicie tops in her giveaway post. Photos that made me sit up and actually google NaraCamicie to see yet more of their collection. This particular photo was my undoing.

image image

You see, I once had a white shirt very similar to what the lady’s wearing. A white shirt that I had bought in Paris. A white shirt that is sadly no more. Let’s just say that it suffered a little “meltdown.” Just as I’d loved that old shirt, I love everything about the NaraCamicie shirt above –the cool, casual look, the open V, the navy-white striped collar and inseam detailing. And I also fell in love with many of the others that I saw on the NaraCamicie SF website and Facebook page. Like this one:


and this one --image

and this --image

and this --image

Now can you understand why I had a hard time choosing? At the end of more than half a day of looking through the photos and driving Chris crazy about which one I should pick, I decided on the Daisy shirt: A “smart floral knit blouse [which] features a contrasting cotton collar and cuff giving the illusion of a 2 piece set. Stretch fabric provides an amazing fit and maximum comfort.”

NaraCamicie shirt2

In the end, it was down to how often I could see myself wearing each item and the Daisy shirt is more me –on most days. I am all about cost-per-wear (even though I won the shirt in a giveaway). I am practical like that. I like that with this top, I can channel the 3Cs --Casual, Classy, Comfortable, –because while I may be a mother of two tikesters and while my uniform these days is a pair of jeans + a comfortable top, comfortable does not necessarily have to be grungy. (Note that all these were factors that I’d considered when choosing the Daisy shirt –based only on photos from their website and their Facebook page.)

When the shirt finally arrived, I was very pleased to know that the NaraCamicie brand lives up to its promise. The brand has been around for over 25 years* and prides itself on high quality Italian shirt-making for men and women. Remember the shirt’s description said “…provides an amazing fit and maximum comfort”? You can say that again. The fit is very flattering and its material and cut allow for maximum movement without me having to worry about creases** and other such inconveniences. I think that beyond anything else, the fit is what I love most about the shirt. It’s the kind of fit that delivers confidence plus –confidence from knowing that you look fab, confidence from knowing that you are clothed well.

Every gal deserves at least one NaraCamicie shirt. And when you have one, you’ll most likely want another. And another.

If you are in San Francisco, you can stop by the store, browse, and be transported by extraordinary Italian designed shirts and blouses.
352 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 683-3204
For those not lucky enough to be in or near San Francisco, you can also shop by phone (see above) or by email (narasf@att.net). Let me assure you that my own experience of dealing with NaraCamicie San Francisco via email had been very smooth and most pleasant.

*Read more about the evolution of the brand here.
**Another reason why I love the Daisy shirt is that the material wears well under seatbelts. Don’t you just hate it when you wear a nice blouse for an evening out only to find it wrinkled on the short drive over?
Note: I was under no obligation to write up this post following my winning the giveaway. Good finds just need to be shared.


Natasha said...

Well done to you! I am so happy you won.

Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

Lindy said...

Congrats on your win! Shirt looks great!

LPC said...

Buckeroomama, so happy you won the giveaway. What a wonderful and gracious write up! I am so glad you like the shirt and find it comfortable. We are twins across the Pacific:).

Kasie said...

congrats. lovely pick!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Super win!!! So excited for you. And the shirt is adorable.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Congrats! Cute shirt!

I'm definitely going to check out the website - always looking for cool, new (to me) stores.

Pink Shoes Photography said...

COngrats on your win, that is shirt is great!!

THanks for stopping by and congratulating me on Iheartfaces. I was shocked to say the least.

Alicia said...

Cute top!!! I've never heard of the store, and it's only about an hour away! LOL

Muthering Heights said...

Those are such pretty things! :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous! I love the shirt!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

K xx

ModernMom said...

Gorgeous! Now I wish I was living in San Fran!

Shelle said...

very nice..i could definitely see myself in that...i'm sure it looks great.

Rachel said...

Oh those shirts look gorgeous! I'm on my way to find more! :)

Congrats on your win!

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