25 June 2010

iheartfaces – Fix-It Friday # 60 : Teenager

In keeping with I Heart Faces’ theme of Teenagers this week, we have this photo of a teen for this week’s Fix-It Friday.  What a classic teen pose:  Hands in pocket, an “I’m-too-cool-for-this” look.

The original4732169080_c6cf75d980_b

This one is a bit more of a challenge to fix compared to the previous weeks’.  I had to lighten and sharpen the overall photo a bit without the sun coming out way too bright.  Specifically, I had to make the boy young man pop more.

The rays from the sun were so gorgeous and they match they tie-dyed rainbow colors on his shirt that I was very hesitant to crop the photo to bring the subject more in focus.   So, for the color fixes, I just kept the photo as is –no cropping.

Fix-It # 1teen fix 1

Fix-It # 2teen fix 2 (70s)

Fix-It # 3teen fix 3 (bw)

Too cool, too cool
Yeah, I’m too cool to know you
Don’t take it personal, don’t get emotional
You know it’s the truth. I’m too cool for you.
~Too Cool  (Camp Rock)   



Please head on over to iheartfaces to check out other edits of this photo.


Niki said...

Great edits! I love the poem with it...it really fits the picture! Great job!

Kristi said...

Great fixes! And I agree...this one was very challenging. I love sun flare...but when it is over done, it's hard to edit.

Maddy @Mad♥Hearts Photos said...

I like the color boost on thi fix! This was a hard one for me :o/

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

It was a toughie but fun!! I really like edit number 2 and how you didn't go for the crop either!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

I love your first edit ~ so vibrant :D!

Third Eight said...

Love #2! Nice job with keeping it full size. I got mad at the pole and box and had to crop them right away but they are not distractig in yours. :)

Allie said...

Great job! I really like the black and white one!

Nya's mom said...

I love #1 and #2!
-Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom

MRS Jen McNeil said...

LOVING the second fix!

Lynda said...

I like the first two fixes the most and the first one the best. I wonder what #1 and #2 would look like blended together? Great job this week!

I had a hard time with the decision to crop vs. not as well!

Leslie said...

this was so tough, wasn't it? i really like the edit on #2.

Pol said...

Really like the last crop. Couldn't find a nice crop, didn't think of that one :)

~ k said...

nice job, I think I like #1 the best!!

RoseBelle said...

I like fix #1 the best. What a difference a few edits here and there do to the picture. The sun shining against the boy's back looks really great

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