19 June 2010

Painted Toenails and Fatherhood

What defines fatherhood?
  • Is it bringing home the bacon, providing for the material needs of the family?
  • Is it being able to burp the baby and change its poopy diapers –competently and with nary a manly whimper?
  • Is it taking over bath time duty with the children on weekends, so that mommy can cook?
  • Is it getting down to the kids’ level, playing on the floor with them, and dancing with abandon when they ask you to?
  • Is it reading to the kids at bedtime and tucking them in?  Is it checking in on them right before you go to bed yourself, hours later?
  • Is it sitting the children on your lap while you play your PC games and teaching the children about building civilizations?
  • Is it helping to build your preschool-age children’s vocabulary with words that include cannon, catapult, trebuchet, padawan, jedi, light sabre?
image imageimage image
  • Is it quietly sitting there and trusting your 3- and 5-year olds with a tweezer to help pluck out your first few strands of gray /white hair?
  • Is it coming home for lunch almost every day so that you can also see the kiddies in the middle of the day, as opposed to just the quick few minutes before school and before bedtime?
  • Is it also asking to talk to the kiddies when you call home from overseas business trips to ask about their day?
  • Is it sneaking M&M’s to the kids behind Mommy’s back?
Chris does all of the above and more.

I fell in love with Chris all over again when I saw him sitting on the couch reading, while Josh and Zoë were on the floor by his feet, painting his toenails pink, peach, and lavender.  Josh working on one foot, Zoë on the other.  Each wielding the brush clumsily, smearing polish beyond the nails.  Chris just sat there and took it all in stride, even after I’d warned him then that I didn’t have any nail polish remover, that he would have to wear the nail polish on his toes until I could buy some –next week. He gamely let the show go on.  The kiddies were having too much fun.

That?  Is fatherhood defined.

Happy Father’s Day, Chris.

Image credits:  Jedi with light sabre – Mandalorion Hypernautics; Trebuchet – University of Cambridge; Catapult – Problem Bear; Cannon – Saul Wordsworth.


Sofia said...

This is such a heart-warming post! Your husband sounds wonderful! And I know what you mean - I fall in love with my husband because of the daddy moments I witness too!

LeAnna said...

SO sweet! Daddies are indeed all of that and more. Great post!

LPC said...

Happy Father's Day!

Tezzie said...

What a wonderful dad...I think I just 'fell in love' a little with him too, just now...ok, no not really...but you know what I mean ;D

Happy Father's Day to all the terrific dads out there, reading this!

RoseBelle said...

Some men, like your hubby, are born to be fathers. They're natural at it and they make a good other half in the relationship. I have friends who grew up in broken homes, whose fathers were not part of their lives, and who grew up in an abusive family. The amazing thing is these people become much better parents because of their childhood experiences. Then of course, there are those who repeat the same cycle when they have kids. I'm blessed to have a wonderful father when I was growing up and now to have a loving husband.

tattytiara said...

There are definitely as many different types of fathers as there are men, and your kids are definitely blessed with one of the good ones.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Chris is truly a REAL daddy! He really lets them pull out his gray hair with tweezers? That's definitely trusting! I also love how he sneaks M&Ms to the kids. All of those are precious and I know, appreciated. He is definitely loved by Josh and Zoe and by you.

Katherine said...

What a beautiful post :) Happy Father's Day, they definitely deserved to be celebrated.

K xx

Menopausal New Mom said...

Awww!! How sweet! Happy Father's Day Chris, sure wish you'd post a picture of his pretty toe nails Lol!

Rachel said...

*sigh* I love that last story... it absolutely shows that Daddy instinct that puts his family first! :)

Happy Father's Day Chris!

Salma said...

YOu are a lucky mama. Beautiful story and I couldn't help but laugh.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Chris sounds awesome! I pray he's having a fantastic Father's Day!!

Alicia said...

What a wonderful daddy!!!!!!!

Alicia said...

Oh..and are there pictures??? LOL

Anonymous said...

What a great daddy!

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