20 August 2010

First Day, First-Grader

Oh my Josh!  He’s a first-grader!


Josh has been pretty stoked about going to first grade. He went to bed early last night, with absolutely no fuss.  Woke up this morning, brushed his teeth, had his breakfast, and got dressed –all in under 40 minutes.  That might seem long to some of you, but if you only know how he tends to dawdle sometimes and how many times I would have to tell him to do just one thing, then you’ll appreciate how happy I was this morning.  We actually made it out of the house earlier than I’d planned!

On the way to the car park.  Poor thing, his backpack is huge!


Because we’d left the house early, we actually beat the traffic and managed to be the first of the first-graders to get to school!  Eager Beaver, Keener… yeah, whatever.  We were directed to the gym, where all the first-graders were to congregate and where the teachers would come to take them to their respective classrooms.


While waiting for the others to arrive, Josh walked around and started reading the posters on the wall.


Before long, the gym filled up.  Josh met some of his classmates and found out that he knows a few of them (one from his kindergarten, a couple from his soccer class, some of our neighbors’ kids with whom he plays).


He was quite at home there sitting on the bench and listening to the short talk that the vice-principal gave.  After the talk, he walked over and gave me a hug and then followed his teacher to his class.

No tears from him (I wasn’t expecting any), but Zoë bawled as soon as Josh disappeared around the bend.  She was inconsolable and kept saying, “I miss my KoKo!”  When we were having lunch today, she told us, “When the bell rings, KoKo will finish school and we can pick him up.” Isn’t she the sweetest little thing?  Yet when they’re together, sometimes they bicker and fight.

Pick-up time for the first day was anywhere between 1:30-2:30pm.  By the time I got to the school, it was 2:08pm.  I made my way up to his classroom and there he was in the reading corner, with his nose deep in a book.  He was the only child left in his class!  (First to arrive and last to leave, how about that?  Heh.) 

His teacher came over and told me he did very well today, that he was quite happy reading Geronimo Stilton, while waiting to be picked up.  Josh waved bye-bye to his teacher and when we made our way down the stairs, I’d offered to carry his backpack for him, but he told me firmly, “My teacher said that I should carry my own bag.  Because it is mine.”


We joined up with Zoë downstairs and Josh said he wanted to show her the Japanese Garden, where they went during play time today.


Zoë sees a frog!A-frog!

And then they both had a game of hopscotch,Hopscotch

before I herded them back to the car.  We had to get out of there before the other classes let out and we get caught in the mad traffic on the way out.

All in all, I’d say that Josh had a pretty good first day of school.  He’s happy, he made new friends, and he’s proud to be going to big-boy school. Me?  I am just happy.  Happy for all that he’s happy about.  Oh, and most definitely thankful, too.  Thankful that Josh is who he is. 

I couldn’t help having feelings of ambivalence, however.  I am sure all you mommas out there know what I mean.  Josh has taken quite a number of steps today… away from the little Josh towards a big boy Josh.  Steps towards a journey of increasing independence, steps towards something which we do our best to prepare him for.  Don’t be in too much of a hurry to grow up, okay, Josh?

How did the first day of school go for you this year?


Jen said...

Aw :) gorgeous photos and a lovely post. Well done Josh on such a great start to school :). I loved what your daughter said as you left and her sadness at the seperation, it reminded me of my eldest first day at school, we were driving home and his sister said to me, "is it time to pick K up now?" she really missed him :) .

Lindy said...

Is that considered a full-day of school, leaving between 1:30-2:30? Or do 1st graders go less than a full-day where you are?

Jessie said...

I'll let you know next week lol :) He looks like he had such a great time. I think that the parents are more nervous and scared than they are. Great shots. I am going to try and get a few of my own next week too - we'll see if I can shoot through the tears.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love seeing kids enjoy school. I was one of those kids that really enjoyed getting up and going to school (even if I didn't make the best grades). I remember getting up before my mom in some cases and getting all dressed and ready. My brother and sister hated me those mornings because I was so alert.

Anyways, he looks quite grown up and I love how you documented the day.

Naomi said...

So cute!! My little one starts preschool in a couple of weeks--I'll let ya know how it goes. I'm sure I'm the one who is going to be a wreck-not him..: ) ! It's just preschool though so I don't know what the big deal is! ha! :)

Lori said...

How completely sweet is this! How wonderful that he got to show his little sister around a bit. How sweet that she was the one that was sad at his going and so excited to get him back. Glad it all went well! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! That looks like an awesome school! School doesn't start till September 1st here so I have a little time left with my boys.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Zoe is such a sweetie pie, missing her brother. Kids do grow up and reach for independence so quickly. My baby goes to kindergarten in a couple of weeks, and I have a feeling i'm going to be shedding so many tears when I drop her off that morning. I guess we mothers need to focus on enjoying every stage.

Xmas Dolly said...

Awwwwwww They are just too sweet. It brought back old memories of my own children. Thank you for sharing and thanks for stopping by the other day sure hope you come back soon. Maybe you could even check out my give-away located in the right-hand bar. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

such sweet shots! i didnt realise school started so early for you.

LPC said...

The picture of Josh where everyone else is blurred, that's what motherhood is like, no? All the other people are just background at certain moments.

Heather said...

Awww, how sweet! I think I will probably cry when my two start first grade, then again, maybe I'll have gotten all the tears out once they start kindergarten.

Those pictures...amazing, you have such beautiful children and you manage to capture such joyful expressions on their faces. I love the one of Josh sitting on the bench and you blurred everyone else out...and the hopscotch pictures of them. I almost forgot, the one with Zoe & the frog is adorable too.

jen@odbt said...

So sweet - love that he was so independent and happy to go to school. The shot of him in the gym, on the bench before school started - awesome. What a great moment to capture.

G said...

Nice to see that Josh had a great first day of school. Yes it is such a conflicted time. We always tell our kids to stop growing! One time their Daddy said "Did you grow again?" The kids said "But Mommy keeps feeding us!" Now it's an ongoing joke in our house.

Maddy said...

How stinkin cute!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride! I was smiling throughout the entire post! Ahh...the excitement of the first day of school! I got to relive it all over again! What a cutie pie...they both are!

RoseBelle said...

Awww...Zoe cried when Josh went to school? It is hard on the younger siblings when the older ones head off to school. I can totally relate to that. My kindergartener's backpack is big for her too but if I got her a smaller one, her classroom binder wouldn't fit. Oh well, she'll grow into it.

*Jess* said...

awww! He looks so grown up!

Hannah said...

Awww, this was a really sweet post! He really is becoming a Big boy! I love how Zoe cried and missed him, that is too sweet! They really do grow up so fast. You are happy and proud of them but sad at the loss of ever decreasing need for all thing you. You have two beautiful kids, who always look so happy!

Terri said...

What a big boy going to school! And sooooo handsome too! =)

Alicia said...

What an independent boy you have!!! And how sweet that he wanted to show his sister where he played!!! What a sweetie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh - the first day! Sigh! I miss those days when the backpacks were bigger than they were and shoes didn't stink!! Lovely pictures! How did you manage to blur all the other faces? I definitely need a new photo thingymabob! I love the joy in your post!

Elle Bee said...

What a perfect first day!! Love that little sis was sad to see him go...♥ My heart is with you--it's so bittersweet! How do all the moms in the world stay sane watching our little ones grow up? It can only be the joy of seeing them accomplish and "become".

Mahmee said...

Well shucks! First grade! Bittersweet for sure. The relationship that you write about between those two is just lovely. R begins school in about 3 weeks. sniff-sniff.
Hope all is well.

Dandy said...

I think that I will forever remember that shot of him with his big back pack. So classic!

Poor Zoe, what a sweetheart.

Congrats to Josh! (and to you)

Serline said...

One small step for boy, one huge leap for... I am struck by the universality of sibling relationships. Cuts across nations, cultures and ages. My two teenagers go at each other at times as if they were embroiled in 5,000 year old feud, yet moments later, they could be joking and laughing and sharing little secrets. Go figure!

Aunt LoLo said...

Great post mama...and yes, definitely bitter sweet!!

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