22 September 2010

At the Library

Zoë had an unexpected day-off from school today on account of a typhoon.  Kindergarten classes are suspended when the Typhoon 3 signal is hoisted.  So we headed to the library.  She immediately ran to the children’s section and sat down at one of the little tables.  There were chairs of different colors and she first sat on a red chair.  Then she promptly got up and moved to a green chair, because “I’m wearing green and it matches the green chair.”

She had pulled out Madeline in London and asked me to read to her.  We have Madeline in Paris at home, so the book has familiar characters.  She sat through the entire reading and then she decided that she wanted to play on the computer.


Before we left, we borrowed a few Mr. Men books for Josh, who finds the series quite funny and would giggle and laugh out loud whenever he reads the books.


“We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.” ~ B.F. Skinner


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