27 September 2010

iheartfaces – Week # 39 | Chalk


The only times my kids are able to play with sidewalk chalk are when we visit my in-laws in Canada.  I chuckle to think what might happen if I give Josh and Zoë some chalk here and let them draw away on the outdoor common area downstairs where they play every day.  Within five seconds, a security guard would most likely come over and tell them off.  I’d probably get disapproving looks from the other parents and grandparents who would be there minding their children.  Not so much for letting my kids have fun, but more for “defacing” public property.  Unfortunately, there are rules and rules are sometimes –in the Josh’s words, –NOT FUN.


Oh, to have a backyard of our own!  Look at Zoë here (2yo in this photo)… Look at her jacket all covered with chalk dust.  Look at her holding a piece of chalk in one hand and a water gun in the other.  She couldn’t make up her mind whether she wants to play with chalk or the water gun. Ah, the hard decisions a child has to make…


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