17 September 2010

Spontaneous Virtual Baby Shower…

The amazing, funny, quirky Dawn from Spontaneous Clapping is having her first baby soon and the sweet ladies over at Sugar, Spice, & a Slice of Life (Jana) and Lemonade Makin’ Mama have organized a virtual baby shower for her.  How super cool is that?!

All of us who read Dawn’s blog have read about her love of food, her love of B, B’s love of bicycles, her fight with the Big C (and how she kicked its *ss), her wonderful winter wedding, and now her journey into motherhood.  (Do visit her blog and smile and laugh through her posts.  I promise you, you will come to love her as much as we do!).

I was at a loss what to give to Dawn and B…  I want to be crafty and be able to make something wonderful and pretty for their Peanut, but I am not crafty.  So I thought back to my own new days as a parent and tried to recall what ‘gifts’ meant the most of both me and Chris.  What’s the one thing that has made such a difference to our lives as new parents? 
Signing with Josh (and then with Zoë).  That, for us, was one of the best things we did with them when they were babies.  Long before they could talk, Josh and Zoë were communicating with us through the use of sign language and it was just the most amazing thing.  It opened up a window into their world that we otherwise would not have experienced.  (Read more about our signing journey here.)

So, Dawn & B, here’s a Baby Signs® Complete Starter Kit for you (you should be getting it in the coming week, if it hasn’t arrived yet!).  Dawn, I know you are interested in signing with Peanut, so hopefully this kit will provide you and B (and your parents, too!) most of everything you’ll need to start signing!   And anytime you have questions, feel free to ask me; I’d be more than happy to be your “godmother” in your signing adventure.  I wish you and B as amazing a signing journey with Peanut (that we had with both Josh and Zoë)!

I know you and B will make awesome parents.  Don’t ask me how I know.  I just do, okay?  If Peanut will just have an ounce of your sense of humor and your zest for life, he will be more than A-okay!

Complete Starter Kit
A Baby Changes Things
A baby changes things;
They’ll never be the same;
Your life is filled with wonder,
Since your little miracle came.
There’s lots of things to do now,
But with the new tasks you face,
Your family gains more love,
And bonds time will never erase.
~By Karl and Joanna Fuchs


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