16 September 2010

Training Chopsticks Winners


I’d changed over to a new comment system and “lost” all my comments in my older posts.  Not really lost –I can still see them in from my Blogger dashboard, but they are not visible on the blog itself until I find a way to import them onto the new comment system.  *sigh*  This is what I get for tinkering around.

Anyway, because I won’t be able to have you refer back to the original comments, I’d listed down all those who entered and have randomly assigned a number.  This is the list that I will follow for the Random Number Generator to pick out the winners.


So… the winners are --

winner1 Grace from Blessed Elements 


winner2Naomi from The ~L~ Family!


Congratulations to Grace and to Naomi!  Please email me at buckeroomama (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address and also if you have any request for which character you’d want on the training chopsticks.  Last I checked, the store has Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Thomas the Tank Engine.  They also have training chopsticks without the “big” cutesy characters on top, but with more discreet prints on the chopsticks themselves (for older children).  If the store does not have the item that you requested, I will just purchase what they have on stock.  Trust me, they’re all cute.  :)

Thanks to all of you who entered and made this fun!

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