31 October 2010


Something Vintage – Nothing says ‘vintage’ to me more than laces and ribbons…Vintage1


My Town – Tall buildings and mini-vans.My-town_1

Tilt-Shift Photography – Hmmm… I think I’m really digging this tilt-shift thingy!Tilt-Shift-(crossing)

Dress Up – Super Fire Girl and Jedi Knight Mato RexJedi and Super Fire Girl - 2a


Chocolate – Double-dose of fantastic –M&Ms and moist chocolate fudge!Chocolate


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30 October 2010

Flowers on Saturday | *6*


I had been giving lame titles to my Flowers on Saturday posts (here and here) that I am just going to go by numbers.  That’s what Ewa does… and she ‘owns’ the meme.  More than 99% of the time, I don’t know the names of the flowers anyway, so I’ll probably end up with even lamer titles like Light Purple Flower, Ice Blue Flower with Thorns…


This one above is yet another flower that we saw on the hiking trail next to where we live.  I didn’t realize that there was a bug on the plant until I opened the file at home.  Do you see it?


Bluberry craft and hobby time

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29 October 2010

 It was Halloween Disco at Josh’s school and Zoë, of course, got to come along.  She actually had her own Halloween party at her school, but it was on exactly the same day, the same time, BUT on the opposite direction from Josh’s school.  When we were trying to work out the logistics of how to get both kids to their respective school parties, Josh suggested that they both go to his Halloween Disco instead, because (1) they have both been to Zoë’s school’s Halloween party before and (2) they have never been to his new school’s Halloween Disco.  Made perfect sense and Zoë didn’t particularly care anyway, so long as she got to go to a party.

Meet Jedi Knight Mato Rex.
Jedi 1aA big ‘thank you’ to my mom for making his Jedi robe!
(Yes, my mom who made this yummy pizza.)

Meet Super Fire Girl.
Super Fire Girl 1A
Just so you know… Mato Rex and Super Fire Girl?  Those are the names that they decided on themselves. Sometimes I really don’t know where they come up with all the stuff that they come up with.

Together they wreak havoc on toys and books defeat the bad guys.Jedi and Super Fire Girl - 1a Yes, I painted Zoë’s face a tad too white. 

Together they indulge Mommy and strike a pose save the world.
Jedi and Super Fire Girl - 2a

Have a wonderful weekend!

Macro Friday | Rambutan-Like Thing



I don’t know what this is.  We saw this along the path that we hiked last weekend.  It could very possibly be the seed pod of some flower… but I really have no idea.  It could be a fruit of sorts.  Maybe a cousin of the rambutan.  Whatever, it looks interesting.


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28 October 2010

How Sweet It Is

I have this song in my head a lot lately.

Do you know how many hugs I get from Zoë in a day?
I lose track.  She gives “many, many!” 
And they’re the biggest and tightest of hugs and squeezes, too.
With every ounce of feeling her little self could muster.
Sweet hug2
Do you know how many kisses she gives me at bedtime every night?
At least 20.  She makes me count out each kiss that she gives me.
She would hold my face between her little hands and plant kisses on me.
She even has what she calls her “Love Day” hugs and kisses
and she doles them out any old sweet time she feels like it. 
Zoë is the sweetest little kid I know.
Yes, she’s my daughter.  Why do you ask? 

27 October 2010


Moments like this makes me think having another baby is a good idea…
and then I see all the books and toys scattered all over the house
with no one wanting to tidy up…
and then I see them be sweet to each other again…
and then they bicker…
and then they kiss and make up…

26 October 2010

Lost a Tooth!


Josh and I were having a Mommy-and-me date and he was munching on a sandwich when he took something out of his mouth and put it on the table.  He kept on eating.  I leaned over to see what it was.

I was never more excited at seeing a tooth!  Hey, Josh, your wobbly tooth came out!

Josh’s eyes grew wide.  He put down his sandwich and gingerly checked.  Then a slow, shy grin eased across his face.

When we came home, he immediately asked for a piece of paper and wrote this –with no help from anyone:


Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost a tooth today.  I will keep it under my pillow.

From Joshua  |  Address :  xxxx

Date:  10.22.10

(I’m so tickled that he actually wrote down our address –just in case the Tooth Fairy didn’t know how to get here!)  Josh was so excited.  He told Zoë that the Tooth Fairy would give him paper money and not a coin, because all his friends got paper money. Yes, he got HK$10 (a little over US$1).





I get so sentimental when I look back at his baby pictures and then see the big boy I now have in front of me.  A big boy who’s so proud of having lost his first tooth.  A big boy that I am so proud of.. for so many, many reasons.


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Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

25 October 2010

iheartfaces – Week # 43 | Pink


This picture just makes me smile.  Big.


My little girl loves pink. 

She loves ballet*.

Zoë would twirl and spin

and strike this pose

at the oddest of times

in the most unexpected places.


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(*Pics of her in her pink tutu here.)

24 October 2010


Five senses – This was a bit of a challenge for me.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a collage of five photos with each one depicting an interpretation of each of the senses.  Then I remembered the set of Chinese flash cards that my cousin gave to Zoë and looked through to find characters that would lend to an interpretation of each of the five senses. 

  Five-Senses1Drink <Taste> / Smoooth <Touch>

Noisy <Hear> / Look <See> / Oven <Smell>


Child – Zoë drinking “tea” at dimsum.  She has graduated from having to sit on a high chair or a booster seat at this restaurant.  Now she sits on two chairs stacked together to give her more height.  (Don’t worry;  it’s pretty stable.)Child

DiningMy absolute favorite Japanese food:  Tuna Tartare Rice.   I’d have this every day if I could.  It’s fatty tuna chopped up/minced and seasoned, –raw, – a raw egg, spring onions, sesame seeds, and laver strips –all mixed together with pearl rice.Dining

This is what it looks like all mixed up.Dining2

Night – Looking out our windows, we see a number of cruise ships go by every night, but this one is a huge one.  I think in the eight years that we’ve been living here, we’ve seen it pass only a couple of times before.  It doesn’t look that big here, but this photo had been taken from pretty high up.  We saw it once from the seaside promenade and it was like a ginormous building, several storeys high, a few blocks wide.

SkyWe took at hike up the peak next to where we live.  I took my camera along (of course!) and that gave me an excuse to stop and catch my breath as I huffed and puffed worked my way up.  We waited all weekend for a super typhoon that never made it here, but there probably will be a few drops of rain later… maybe?  I don’t remember where I heard this, but someone once told me that dragonflies are a sign that it’s about to rain.  Fact or fallacy? 




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23 October 2010

Flowers on Saturday | An Orange Flower




Bluberry craft and hobby time

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This has got to be my favorite B/W photo of all time of Zoë.

22 October 2010

Macro Friday | Coriander



Along with basil, coriander is a favorite herb of mine.  If I could add coriander to every dish, I would.  And quite liberally, too!  It’s so refreshing and always adds that bit of extra ‘lightness’ to every dish.  And the smell… hmmmm!  Have you ever just inhaled its freshness?  (Yes, Wanda, I do what you do, too!)  Yes?  Then you know just what I am talking about.  If not, you should get a bunch and give it a go.  You should.  Really.


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The original5101765183_174f6468f0_b

Fix-It # 1Fix-It-#1a

Fix-It # 2Fix-It-#-3



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21 October 2010

You Capture | Orange Randomness


Do you take vitamins? I do.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I forget.  But this? I drink every day.  Supposedly, this health drink is packed with 1000cc of Vitamin C.  All I know is that it tastes really good.  Kind of like Minute Maid, with fizz.  The sugar in this thing probably negates all the Vitamin C goodness I get out of it, though.orange-drink


And this?  Is what we have been listening to.  A LOT.  It is a compilation of ‘delightful folk and blues classics for children and their families.’  Josh loves Michael Row the Boat Ashore (Eric Bibb) and Zoë loves You Are My Sunshine (Elizabeth Mitchell & Daniel Littleton) and I Will Be Your Friend (Guy Davis).  Sometimes they fight over which song to listen to first.  Sometimes I find them in front of the CD player, fast-forwarding to the song/s that they like. They’ve memorized the song order and would click away until they get to their song of choice.  I love the Putomayo Kids series.  Putomayo



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20 October 2010

Lotus Leaf Chicken


This is one of our dim sum staples:  Lotus Leaf Chicken (珍珠雞 – literally translated to mean ‘pearly chicken’).  Josh loves this and could finish one all by himself.


It is essentially sticky rice stuffed with chicken, bits of dried scallops, mushrooms, and dried shrimps, all wrapped in a lotus leaf and then steamed.


It is savory and quite yummy… and very filling.



the long road

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