28 October 2010

How Sweet It Is

I have this song in my head a lot lately.

Do you know how many hugs I get from Zoë in a day?
I lose track.  She gives “many, many!” 
And they’re the biggest and tightest of hugs and squeezes, too.
With every ounce of feeling her little self could muster.
Sweet hug2
Do you know how many kisses she gives me at bedtime every night?
At least 20.  She makes me count out each kiss that she gives me.
She would hold my face between her little hands and plant kisses on me.
She even has what she calls her “Love Day” hugs and kisses
and she doles them out any old sweet time she feels like it. 
Zoë is the sweetest little kid I know.
Yes, she’s my daughter.  Why do you ask? 


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