26 October 2010

Lost a Tooth!


Josh and I were having a Mommy-and-me date and he was munching on a sandwich when he took something out of his mouth and put it on the table.  He kept on eating.  I leaned over to see what it was.

I was never more excited at seeing a tooth!  Hey, Josh, your wobbly tooth came out!

Josh’s eyes grew wide.  He put down his sandwich and gingerly checked.  Then a slow, shy grin eased across his face.

When we came home, he immediately asked for a piece of paper and wrote this –with no help from anyone:


Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost a tooth today.  I will keep it under my pillow.

From Joshua  |  Address :  xxxx

Date:  10.22.10

(I’m so tickled that he actually wrote down our address –just in case the Tooth Fairy didn’t know how to get here!)  Josh was so excited.  He told Zoë that the Tooth Fairy would give him paper money and not a coin, because all his friends got paper money. Yes, he got HK$10 (a little over US$1).





I get so sentimental when I look back at his baby pictures and then see the big boy I now have in front of me.  A big boy who’s so proud of having lost his first tooth.  A big boy that I am so proud of.. for so many, many reasons.


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