17 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday |Side Lighting, Etc.


Side lighting – One of my ballerina’s tutus… This was hanging next to the window and I thought it would be perfect for “side lighting.”side-lighting

Jack-o-lantern – Would you believe I’ve never seen a real carved pumpkin –ever?  This is as close to a jack-o-lantern as I’ll get around here.  It’s part of the Halloween decoration that we have in the mall.jack-o-lantern


Faces formed in nature – I had to get back to this shot of my spider…  It is a bit of a stretch, but if you look closely, you could see a pair of rather sad eyes…Faces-formed-in-nature

Sunset – I have a number of sunrise photos, but I don’t have any sunset ones, so this one will have to suffice.  It’s one of my dad’s paintings of Qingdao, a city in Shandong Province in China.  It was painted at dusk… with the colors of the sunset washing over the red roofs in the city.Sunset

Warm – This was a particularly warm day.  We had thought that it would be cool and hence had dressed the kiddies in long sleeves.  Poor Josh.  His head gets really sweaty when he’s hot.  (Edit:  I just realized that this could totally be a pic for side lighting, too!)Warm


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