10 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I’ve been wanting to join Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but just hadn’t had the time to really go out and take the needed photos for the themes.  But when I saw this week’s themes, I thought I’d give it a go.

PINK – With a daughter who loves everything pink (and purple!), this is fairly easy.  This is the design on Zoë’s leotard, the one that she picked out herself.  She just started ballet classes this week and absolutely loves it.  She’s been telling us that she wants to be a ballerina for the longest time and when we told her that she would be starting ballet classes, she kept asking every day, “Is it today?  Am I going to do ballet today?”  I think part of the fun and excitement is getting to dress up in her ballet outfit of pink tutu, white tights, and pink ballet slippers.  Oh, and she gets her hair all done up.  “Like a princess.” Ballet-pink 

BOOKS – These are some of the books that I have lying  around waiting for me to read.  The first book is mine, so there’s no hurry on that one, but I have only one more week to finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest before I need to return it to the library.  It’s one of those books that I could not renew because apparently there is long list of people waiting to borrow it. Books


FALL COLORS – We do not get glorious fall colors the way most of you do in North America.  The leaves do not change to various shades of fiery red, orange, and yellow.  What I’ve noticed, though, is that the parks here change their flowers every season.  They actually have people going around carefully taking out the “old” plants and putting in the ones for the season.  This here below shows our fall colors.Fall-colors


LEAF – This leaf is like the leaves from the plant that we have in our washroom.  I don’t know what this plant is called, but it’s all leaves and I just have it in a shallow vase with water, no soil.  Very low maintenance.  I love its slightly waxy texture, its heart shape, and the little touches of light yellow and white against the green. Leaf 

ORANGEWe  had reward points that were going to expire and decided to get a camera for Josh and Zoë. The camera takes real pictures, with its own memory card and all.  It also has games loaded on, so it doubles as a means of entertainment for those times when I cannot be their source of entertainment. Camera---orange


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