12 October 2010



I had a chance to observe Josh in his classroom when I was on Parent Helper duty last week.  He sits still, listens well to his teachers (now why can’t he be as attentive at home?!), participates in class discussions, works independently, and interacts well with his classmates.

Today, when he came home from school, he was brimming with excitement.  “Mommy, Mommy!  Look in my book bag.  I got a certificate!”

Josh -Cert(I played around with brushes to take out the name of the school, our last name and his teacher’s name.)

Me:  What did you get a certificate for?

Josh:  Read the words there and you’ll know.

Me: *Rolls Eyes*

While I was “reading the words” on the certificate,

Josh:  And I was the only one in my class that Mrs. B gave a certificate to!

He was just bursting with pride.  Then at bedtime I asked him how he felt when Mrs. B gave handed him the certificate, he said, “Happy and also a bit nervous.” Which prompted me to ask why he would feel nervous.

Josh:  Well, because I had go to the front.

Me:  Oh, you had to go to the front of the class?

Josh:  No, in front of the whole school! The other kids from the other years were there, too.

Me:  Really?  What did you say?

Josh: I’ll just give you the short version, okay?

I said my name and class and then I had to tell them why I got the certificate.

Me:  You must be very proud of yourself.

Josh:  Yeah.


We’re mighty proud of you, too, Josh!

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