29 October 2010

Superheroes or Something Like That

 It was Halloween Disco at Josh’s school and Zoë, of course, got to come along.  She actually had her own Halloween party at her school, but it was on exactly the same day, the same time, BUT on the opposite direction from Josh’s school.  When we were trying to work out the logistics of how to get both kids to their respective school parties, Josh suggested that they both go to his Halloween Disco instead, because (1) they have both been to Zoë’s school’s Halloween party before and (2) they have never been to his new school’s Halloween Disco.  Made perfect sense and Zoë didn’t particularly care anyway, so long as she got to go to a party.

Meet Jedi Knight Mato Rex.
Jedi 1aA big ‘thank you’ to my mom for making his Jedi robe!
(Yes, my mom who made this yummy pizza.)

Meet Super Fire Girl.
Super Fire Girl 1A
Just so you know… Mato Rex and Super Fire Girl?  Those are the names that they decided on themselves. Sometimes I really don’t know where they come up with all the stuff that they come up with.

Together they wreak havoc on toys and books defeat the bad guys.Jedi and Super Fire Girl - 1a Yes, I painted Zoë’s face a tad too white. 

Together they indulge Mommy and strike a pose save the world.
Jedi and Super Fire Girl - 2a

Have a wonderful weekend!


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