07 October 2010

Zoë’s Happy Art

This is a common sight around here these days.zoe-drawing2 
Zoë must have been watching closely whenever Josh would draw, because lately she just started to draw and draw and draw.  She’s been asking for pieces of paper and she turns around and comes back with these. With no help from anybody.
2010-10-06 (name)
I particularly love this one above.  She played around with the “o” in her name and made lollipops and flowers and a smiley face and she colored each one!  How cute is that?  I love that she “framed her work, too!  Please excuse my mommy pride, my friends! 
She would usually draw quietly and then she would come up to me with her hands behind her back and tell me, “Mommy, I have a surprise for you.  Close your eyes.”  I would close my eyes.  I would peek through my fingers –because it takes her quite some time before she would tell me to open my eyes.  It turns out that she had folded up her drawing to a small square and then she would stand there slowly unfolding it before presenting the drawing to me.  She would do this each and every time.
This one here is supposed to be a field of flowers.  The people are tiny “because they are babies.”  The colorful squares are windows.  The black boxes are “clouds” and the blue lines are supposed to be “rain.”
2010-10-06 (flowers)
She loves to tape two A4 papers together so that she could make “a big drawing.”  Then she would draw her “family,” which consists of Daddy, Mommy, KoKo (Josh), her Yaya, and various playmates.  And all her faces have big smiles on.  You just gotta love how simple and pure a child’s world is.
Zoe drawing3_f


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