03 November 2010

Art Jammin’

Last Saturday, we went to possibly the fun-est party ever.  Zoë got invited to the birthday party of her classmate’s sister.  It was essentially a party for a 7-year old, but K got to invite her own set of little friends as well.  Zoë had a blast. 

The party was held at an art studio downtown and they had two small crafts table out for the younger kids.  They had googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, popsicle sticks, foam stickers, etc. –dream supplies for the little ones.  Zoë didn’t want to leave the crafts table to join any of the games!  She just planted herself right there, thankyouverymuch!

Here is Zoë with K working on their paper plate faces.Making-funny-faces1
Starting out
Almost done…Almost-done1
Ta da!Ta-da1

But wait, that’s not all!  They had easels set up, complete with canvas, brushes, and paints for all the children to create their own masterpieces.  They had LOTS of tubes of paint and you just squeeze out whatever colors you want onto your palette and paint away.
Ta da again!Painting3aI love that she even signed her name on her “art.”
What a happy day it was!
Happily skipping home-1
  Zoë was practically skipping the whole time on her way home.
(That was meant to be a B/W picture, but I just couldn’t resist the color pops.)
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