24 November 2010

Ballet, Ballet, Ballet!

Zoë has been enjoying her ballet classes.  Very much.  So much so that one day, out of the blue, she announced in a very firm tone, “I am never going to stop dreaming about ballet!”  I must have raised my eyebrows at her, because she repeated herself, in the same emphatic tone.
I asked her why she said that and she answered simply, “Because I love ballet.”  She gets to twirl and spin to her heart’s content.  She gets to wear pink.  She gets her hair done up “like a princess.”
She gets a sticker or two after each class.
Here she is playing with the stickers while I chatted with her teacher, while her godfather shot picture after picture.  Waikay has very generously given me all the digital files and now I have piles to go through and edit.   I’m so in love with the pictures he took!
This was Zoë trying to imitate what her teacher was showing her.
You could check out more of Waikay’s wonderful photos here.  If you are in Brisbane (Australia) and need a photographer for events, portraits, etc., you should  definitely get in touch with him.    While I’m at it, I might as well plug A Little Slice of Heaven, too –which is the website of his wife and my good friend. Jen makes the most beautiful and the most delicious cakes that I’ve ever seen.  You will have to see for yourself to know what I mean!


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