02 November 2010

Halloween Fashion Parade


What’s more fun for a little girl than getting dressed up in different costumes?  Zoë got to wear three different costumes this Halloween.  First, she was Super Fire Girl when she tagged along to Josh’s Halloween Disco at his school.


The next day, Zoë got to dress up as Captain Feathersword at the Halloween celebration at her school the following day.  She had originally wanted to go to school dressed as Cinderella, but I was able to convince her to be a pirate instead.  She loves The Wiggles, so getting her to be Captain Feathersword, complete with the Feathersword, was not too hard. (The outfit is a hand-me-down from Josh.)




And then, the following day, Zoë attended a bug-themed party for her classmate’s sister and she dressed up as a ladybug.  She kept flitting around and could not hold still for me to take a decent shot.


Or she would strike this silly pose which she thought was really funny.  I don’t know where she picks up these things. I really don’t.



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