23 November 2010

Today I Am Grateful

…for silliness! Josh-and-Zoe1
The best things in life are silly.  ~Scott Adams
Silly is you in a natural state,
and serious is something you have to do
until you can get silly again.   
~Mike Myers
What are you grateful for today?

**The photos in this post were edited by me, but were all taken by the kids’ godfather who’s here visiting with us.  See how nice and sharp the photos are?  He used a Nikon 300 to shoot these.  And now I am thisclose to getting my DSLR and I think I just might go for a Nikon!  I was lucky enough to get a crash course on photography basics, shooting with a DSLR, and camera equipment from him.   You could check out some of his wonderful photos here.
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