09 November 2010

Zoë at Bedtime



                         1) Bedtime prayers.

2)‘Night, ‘night.  Sleep tight.

    Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

                                                                                                     3)  I love you very much, Mommy.

                                  4)  I want some water.

                          5)  I need to go wee-wee.

                                                                                               6) Let’s switch sides, Mommy.*                   

                                     7)  ~sing some random song~                

                            8)  Count how many kisses I give you, okay?                            

    9)  I want to tell you a secret.    

                                             10)  ~ask some random question~  e.g. Where does the rain come from?

                                11)  Repeat #6.

12)  I give you two more kisses.

13)  Repeat #7.                  

Blessed sleepy silence at last.

Do your children come up with all kinds of things just to hold off going to sleep?


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Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

*I lie down next to her each night at bedtime for cuddles and kisses until she drifts off.

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