28 December 2011

Top 11 of ‘11

It’s that time of the year again….  Amber at Click.Pray.Love,  Courtney from Click It Up A Notch, and Sarah from Naptime Momtog are hosting Top 11 of ‘11.  We’re supposed to feature here the top 11 photos that we’ve taken of our children in 2011.
Naptime Momtog
Here are mine, in no particular order…
(…but psst, this one is my favorite.)













Okay, so technically the last photo makes it 12, but I love how it kind of nicely wraps up that series of photos above.  Also, it doesn’t feature any face –only Zoë’s little hand holding a candy heart, so that doesn’t really count towards the 11 limit, okay?  =)

23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

I am going to have a little blogging break over the holidays.  My parents are visiting and we have a few things planned over the holiday break.  In the meantime, I want to share some holiday cheer with you all… here’s a little video of our Zoë singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (complete with actions).  She performed this at her school’s Christmas party.  She makes the cutest dancing Santa!

Have a wonderful festive season and may 2012 bring you joy and happiness and good health!

18 December 2011

1.  What is it? – Josh is big into chess these days.  Let me rephrase that.  He’s always been interested in chess, but it’s only lately that he’s started to really get the hang of it and actually win against the computer and other people he’d play with without us letting him win.  He has gotten a lot better at strategizing and planning way ahead for his moves.  Here, Josh was playing against my dad and won, fair and square.  (The What Is It part of this entry is the piece he’s picking up… a Disney princess eraser to stand in for the knight that we’ve misplaced!)




2.  Children Sleeping – (From the archives)  Josh having his afternoon nap.




3.  Joy – This image represents joy in two ways:  (1) This photo was taken during a play date with one of her best friends, B.  Zoë loves play dates.  You could clearly see the joy in her face here.  (2)  If there is ever one word to describe what Zoë has brought to our lives, it’s joy.  Oh such, such joy.




4.  Window  - We don’t get snow here, ever, so to make up for it, I let the kids put up these removable cling stickers on our window.




5.  Half – This is one of the cookie ornaments that one half of my children made.  Josh a bit under the weather and was napping at the time when Zoë and her friend decorated the cookie ornaments. 



Happily Mother After

13 December 2011

Not an Angel But a Camel

When you are offered the role of an angel
and you say “No,”
you get to be the camel.


Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

12 December 2011

I Heart Faces | Furry Faces

We don’t have pets, although both Josh and Zoë desperately want one.  They would have loved to take this cat home that we found lying on the street near where we had breakfast one time when we were in Kuching.

I love his golden eyes… and the confident “I know what I am about” look he’s giving me here.
Good thing I had the excuse of not having an air ticket for this cat when the kids asked if we could have him for a pet.

11 December 2011


1.  Less Is More – Natural beauty –no make-up (yes, I am biased.)




2.  Holiday Lights – Okay, so technically this is not considered Holiday Lights, but close, right?  It’s actually one of those globes where if you touch the glass the lights appear to shoot out from your fingertips.  Very cool.




3.  Ornaments – We bought these last week at a Christmas bazaar.  Joseph completes the set, but I couldn’t fit him into the shot.  These are actually 3D wooden puzzles.  I didn’t tell that to the kids, though.  I want the pieces complete and intact.




4.  Cup of Cheer (from the archives)




5.  Nativity – Our Christmas music box.




Happily Mother After

07 December 2011




After having grown up in Manila, where traffic rules are largely ignored, it’s great to see here that the “Keep Clear” zone is actually kept clear and not clogged up by vehicles refusing to give way to others, causing ugly traffic snarls.
{Don’t worry, I was not driving when I took this pic.}
image NapTime MomTog

06 December 2011

Absolute Sweetness

Zoë’s favorite dress is one that my friend gave her when she was still two years old.  It was a bit too big for Zoë then, but that did not stop her from wanting to wear it over and over again just to twirl around in.  The dress came with a matching dress for her doll.

Here is a picture of the sweetest little girl ever with the sweetest little polka-dot dress, with her sweet little dolly in the same dress.  Smiling the sweetest smile.


05 December 2011

04 December 2011

We attended One Starry Night today with Josh and Zoë.  It was --


“…a Christmas experience where participants do more than just hear about the birth of Jesus — they’ll see, touch, feel, and smell what life was like during this miraculous time.  Families will journey through Bethlehem and create Bible-times crafts at a variety of stations, including The City Gate, The Marketplace, Stargazer Hill, The Census Taker’s Office, The Palace, The Inn, and The Stable.”


What a great production it was!  Josh and Zoë loved going through the different stations and doing the different arts and crafts.  From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted by angels and shepherds.  The entire place was elaborately set up with each station manned by people dressed up like how you would imagine people in Bethlehem back in the days would have dressed.  Each child received a little pouch filled with gold coins with which they could use to pay to participate in each craft station and for which each child receives a Bible Memory Maker in return.


1. Portrait – Zoë wearing the crown that she made at The Palace.



2.  Nostalgic – Back in the days before malls and fancy boutiques, when wares were sold on the streets.   (At The Inn, where the children were guided in making a pillow.)




3.  Time – The Palace.  We spent the most time at this station, I think. Zoë wanted to put every single glittery sticker onto her crown.




4.  Full of Light – These are the lights that had been strung over The Stable where the children got to make a sheep ornament.




5.  Motion – I have other motion shots, but seeing that all my other shots here were taken at One Starry Night, I’d decided to go with this instead.   There were LOTS of people there today.  After we’d finished doing the rounds of the crafts stations, we went over to  the cafeteria for refreshments.  Our little princess spotted this angel and wanted to have a picture taken.  It was near impossible to get a clean shot, what with people moving about left and right.



Happily Mother After
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