11 January 2011

Gymnastics Class

Josh was excited to have after-school activities again.  We didn’t sign him up for any in the first term, because we weren’t sure how his schedule would be like or how he would adjust to the longer school hours from kindergarten.  The only extra-curricular activity that he had in Term 1 was swimming and that was on a Friday.  He wanted soccer again, but I couldn’t make the schedule work and be able to pick him up, because Zoë has ballet on the same afternoon.

Since Zoë started doing gymnastics (in lieu of soccer), Josh has expressed an interest in gymnastics as well. So off we went to check out the class yesterday.  There were eight children (including him) and six of them were girls.  That didn’t seem to faze him at all.  Two of the girls are his classmates, so he was pretty comfortable right away. He got excited seeing the equipment laid out and couldn’t wait to try them.

Overall I’d say he did pretty well and was able to keep up with the girls who had already been taking the class since Term 1.  While I was not 100% impressed with how the class was run (I couldn’t help comparing it with Zoë’s class, which is run by a different organization at a different venue), this one works for now.  He doesn’t even have to change out of his PE uniform.  He just comes down from his classroom and straight into the gym.  After class, we’d head home, but would stop along the way to grab a quick snack.  This way, we get to have a bit of mommy-and-Josh time.  I need to store up on these before he goes big boy on me and decides that it’s not cool to hang with mommy anymore.

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