09 January 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Primitive


1.  Primitive – Don’t ask me what this is.  I really don’t know.  It looks like a really old, really weird, alien-ish submarine or tank.  I accompanied Chris to Macau for a meeting on Monday and we decided to stop by Fisherman’s Wharf thinking that we could grab lunch before heading back to Hong Kong.  Big mistake.  It was a really weird place.  At around half past noon, the only shops that were open were the arcade (which was empty), a couple of restaurants (with no patrons), and an event hall that served as a buffet place for some groups of tourists.  We had to follow a labyrinthine path to come out on the other side and this was what we saw as soon as we came out.



2.  Innocence – Josh and Zoë looking on in awe at the tricks that the party entertainer performed.  This one was really good and he got the children-at-heart at the party oohing and aahing as well!



3.  Resolution – Before the end of the June, I would finish the entire user’s manual that came with my camera.  Without skipping through sections or pages.  I might not yet thoroughly master how my camera works, whether in Auto or Manual mode, but at least I would be familiar with the user’s manual that I would be able to easily refer back to a section whenever I might need help.


The Paper Mama


4.  Treasured – This is a note that Josh gave me last year.  For no reason.  He might not be a snuggle bunny the way Zoë is, but Josh has his own brand of loving that is just as endearing and absolutely sweet.  I always carry this note with me in my wallet. And pull it out from time to time.  It never fails to make me smile and know how blessed I am.



5.  This is me… and Chris.  On our wedding day seven years ago.  I’ve never posted a clear photo of me here… Let me hone my selfie skills this year and see if I could dredge up the courage to be in front of the camera more instead of behind it!  Baby steps, folks.  Together with Josh’s note above, I carry this photo with me in my wallet.  (And yes, I have a big fat wallet and it’s not because it’s full of money, but more because I carry around little pieces of my heart, –far more valuable than all the money in the world.)


*Note:  I used my pashmina shawl as a backdrop in the last three photos.  The original color is close to what you see in #3 –sort of avocado green.  Just so that I wouldn’t have three photos in the same boring background, I had used Photoshop’s “Color Replacement” feature to change and play around with the color and shading.  As a final touch, I had applied different textures by Kim Klassen to the photos.


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