30 January 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Texture

1.  Texture – I used a couple of Kim Klassen’s textures on this photo of clothes pins.  Thanks, Kim, for your wonderful textures!

2.  Fog – Would you believe that this was taken in the morning, before 9am?  Well, it was.  It was a rather gloomy and hazy day, but when I looked out the window and saw the rays of light shining through the clouds, I just had to grab the camera.  The rays are like searchlights from heaven or lights from some alien spacecraft waiting to beam up some earthlings… Regardless, I thought the lights were magical. 

3.  Buttons on Josh’s Chinese jacket

4.  Beverage – Honey citron tea.  I love this… second only to honey green tea (with bubbles!).
5.  Seventies – Chris and I went out tonight without the kiddies –the first time this year. We usually go have date night every Saturday, but he’s been traveling the early part of this month.  Nothing extra special tonight.  We just went to get the Wii Sports Resort (in preparation for the Chinese New Year holidays at home with the kids), had dinner at a new dumpling place, and then went to get some CNY pudding.  I was stopping to shoot this and that and Chris just patiently played Sudoku on his phone while he waited for me.  I don’t need roses or fancy restaurants.  Tonight was a perfect date night.
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