10 February 2011

Because Rachel Asked



Do you know Rachel?  Not the one from Friends, silly.  Mr. Daddy’s and Itty Bit’s Rachel.  Rachel over at Once Upon a Miracle…  She is one of my favorite persons in all of Bloggy Land.  Drop by her blog for a visit and you’ll know why.


Rachel tagged me for this set of questions (sorry, it’s taken this long to put together)… here goes:

1. {if you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?}  We don’t have pets right now, but if we do, they’re members of the family to the extent that they’d be loved, but sorry, I draw the line at sharing my bed. 

2. {if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?}  Six months, maybe a year of traveling with Chris and the kids –starting with Santorini (Greece) to Turkey to Yunnan (China) to Fiji…

imageSantorini, Greece Credit: Marcel Germain


imageYunnan, China (Photo from a chain email my mom forwarded)

3. {what is the one thing most hated by you?}   People not taking pride in their work.  Why bother working then?  I know, I know –to earn money, but really, if you are getting paid for what you do, please try to do it well.  Even if it pains you very much to be pleasant, BE pleasant –if that is what is called for. That aside, it is just common courtesy to be nice, isn’t it?

4. {what would you do with a billion dollars?}   See #2.  That, and our dream house.  And get the kids’ college education fund all sorted out. 

5. {what helps to pull you out of a bad mood?}   Songs by Beautiful South never fail to make me chuckle no matter how bad a mood I’m in.  Listen to the words of this one… (One of my favorite songs of theirs is not very kid-friendly.  I once caught Josh singing the words (at 3 years old!) and I immediately stopped playing whenever the kids are around to hear it.)


6. {which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?}    Being with someone who loves you as much as you love him/her is the ‘bestest’ blessing. 


7. {what is your bedtime routine?}     Brush teeth.  Moisturize.  Check on the kids (if Chris has not already done so).  Read in bed for a bit or do Sudoku to unwind… fall asleep halfway… wake up again to turn off the light.

8. {if you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your partner?}    He literally fell for me the first time we met.  Really, truly.  See here and here.

9. {if you could watch a creative person in the act of the creative process, who would it be?}   Any one of these tennis players:  Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Justine Henin.   I’ve seen them on TV, but I want to see them at a Grand Slam finals –live.  And preferably a 5-setter.  I could sit and watch them play all day. (I’ve taken some liberty at interpreting “creative process” here, but watching these three “create” their plays is nothing short of art.)


Source:  Nadal-Federer (World Best Sports) / Justine Henin (here)

10. {what kinds of books do you read?}   I read pretty much all kinds of books, except for sci-fi.  Currently, I’m reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilberts.  Next in line is Pat Conroy’s South of Broad.  I dip into How to Talk So Kids Can Learn by Faber & Mazlish once in a while.


11. {how would you see yourself in ten years time?}  With glasses, for sure.  (Pun totally intended!)   First thing that came to mind was “By then, Josh’ll be 16 and Zoë will be 14…”  Funny how everything now is centered around the kiddies.

12. {what’s your fear?}    Remember the tsumani in Thailand a few years ago?  I’d heard or read somewhere that a mom there had to choose which of her two kids to save, because there was no way that she could save both.  That is my biggest fear –to be in a similar situation and having to make that choice. 

13. {would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to visit outer space?}    No.  A resounding NO.  Because I love my kettle-cooked chips and I am not that curious.  I am not 28 anymore.

14. {would you rather be single and rich or married, but poor?}   I am a romantic.  I love Kenny Loggins’ “Danny’s Song.” Does that answer your question?


15. {what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?}    Turn on my computer.  How pathetic is that?

16. {if you could change one thing about your spouse/partner what would it be?}   Trite, but I really wouldn’t want to change anything.  Oh, maybe that he stops feeding the kids sweets behind my back.  What I would SO not want to change about Chris?  His ability to make me laugh and how hands-on he is with the kids.

17. {if you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?}     I used to don’t like my name at all, but I’ve grown into it and now I can’t imagine being called anything else.   Any other name wouldn’t be “me.”

18. {would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?}   If it’s a “horrible” thing, even though I could forgive in my heart, it’s not likely that my mind will not remember.  To forgive AND forget is not realistic, I think, but if one has forgiven, then one can “remember with peace.”  Does that make sense?

19. {if you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?}   Either salmon sashimi or tuna tartare rice.




If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading.  And if you’d want to play along, please do let me know so I could visit and learn more about you, too!


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