18 February 2011

Joy of Love | Days 13 - 17

With Zoë at home with the chicken pox this week, I haven’t really had much time to take photos.  Not complaining, though.  I love hearing her in the background as I work.  I love hearing her make up songs and put on “Zoë Shows.”  When I have to go out on errands, I love getting calls from her (she’s memorized both mine and Chris’ numbers) and hearing her sweet voice say “Hello, Mommy… {immediately launching into a speech about what she’s doing}…”
13 – Routine
My computer is on almost 24/7.  It gets dusty.
I have to clean it often.  And the kids often offer to help.
They think my little brush is cute.
14 – Wedding Band / Jewelry
My wedding band and engagement ring on Zoë’s finger.
She gladly handed back my plain wedding band after I took the photo,
but refused to relinquish my engagement ring.
I had to resort to begging and bribery.
I just asked her now why she likes that ring.
Because it has the jewel on top, Mommy.
15 – Kiss
I LOVE this shot.  Josh is not the most lovey of kids, but when he is, he’s pretty sweet!
16 – Staying In
Sometimes Josh would ask to watch TV or play on the computer when he’s home.
Other times, he would just disappear into his room and read.
Guess which I would rather see him doing.
17 – Going Out
This was what Chris had the last time we went out.
I’m going to order the same thing when we go back to that restaurant.
That Caesar salad was really yummy!



I was helping at Josh’s class yesterday when my phone buzzed.  It was Zoë.
Zoë:  Hello, Mommy.  What time is it at KoKo’s school?
Me:  Same time it is at home, Zo.
Zoë:  What time is it then?
Me:  It’s 9:45, baby.
Zoë:  Oh.  What is KoKo doing?
Me:  He’s writing.
Zoë:  What letter is he writing?….
Zoë:  Mommy, you know?  I want to be a princess when I grow up.  But not a real princess.
I wish I could record all these conversations I have with her.  I wish I could play back to her –when she’s 20 –her sweet little voice and all the funny stuff she says.
Happy weekend, everyone!


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