22 February 2011

Pizza Party

Josh attended a pizza party.


While waiting for the party to start, he blew balloons.
Then let them zip and zoom across the room as the air rushed out.
His friends were letting the air out in each other’s faces.
Or blowing the balloons up (with an air machine) until the balloons popped.
They all thought it was hilarious.  Boys!


Then the party started.
Each one of them got a pizza pan.
Each one was given a hat and an apron.
They were taught how to make the edges of the crust…
pushing against the side of the pan, using three fingers.


Each of them got a scoop of tomato sauce.


They had to shake and tap to even it out.
Then the real fun began.
They decorated their pizzas with slices of ham, tomatoes,
pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives.


Josh didn’t like olives.


Then they sprinkled on the mozzarella.


Only Josh didn’t exactly sprinkle.
He painstakingly placed each piece of cheese, one by one, on his pizza.
Then they had a game of Pass the Parcel.


And he got a Sugus candy.
Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to see this beautiful smile.

The servers came and numbered each of the pans before putting them in the oven to bake.
So that they’d know which pizza belongs to which child.


For the first time ever, Josh made his own dinner.
He had five slices of his own pizza and declared it dee-licious!



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